Improving self-image with breast augmentation

Improving self-image with breast augmentation

03rd Dec 2019

Improving self-image with breast augmentation



We all know people are different: they look different and think different. This is called diversity, and it is not a newly found concept. However, there are things that most women would like to enhance about their anatomy. Amongst all these, probably one of the most important features of femininity are the breasts, and they need to be perky and full. That is why so many women suffer and can even develop significant emotional complexes due to the fact that their breasts are small and they don’t have a very good self-image about themselves. 

It is important to know that nowadays, women with small breasts can get relief from the physical and emotional discomforts by undergoing breast augmentation surgery. In this article, we will discuss more about the procedure and also how self-image can be improved after undergoing this procedure.


Why choose breast augmentation?

Modern medicine has offered a gift to women who suffer from body image issues, and that is plastic surgery. Since it is relatively easy to perform and probably the most affordable, breast augmentation with implants has become one of the most popular elective operations in the world. Year by year, thousands of women choose to go through this operation, and 98% of them are fully satisfied with the results. 

It is true that around this subject there is a whole debate: some people consider that you need to be happy and comfortable with the way you look, and some think it is best to change what you don’t like about yourself; there are some that say that breast implants are bad for your health and can lead to cancer and other diseases, and others that say there are no such risks since it has never been proven. One thing is for sure: as long as people live on this planet, controversy will be present in every topic. So, if you think that plastic surgery is right for you, this should be just enough to get you started. 

Why do women ever think of getting breast implants? Well, there are so many reasons why one should want such an operation. There are women born with small breasts, with androgynous looks as they say, and they look like a combination between Peter Pan and a teenager. Surely, they are probably envied by their peers for being thin, not getting a big ass or belly. But no one wonders how a girl feels like when she is over 20 and people think she’s still a kid, or worse, they think she is a boy. Womanhood in the general idea is all about curves and shapes, so what if a woman doesn’t naturally have them? To change her whole look will cost a lot, not only in terms of money but also in terms of suffering. The first and probably most obvious thing she can change will be the way her breasts look. If they become bigger and fuller, then she will really feel like a woman and her confidence will improve considerably.

Then, there is that woman who wanted children and had them. Most women say that after just one child, your body will never look the same, and it’s not the extra weight, it’s everything else. It’s like suddenly, your hips and bones, are bigger, and it is normal because you had to carry a baby in your belly. And your breasts will drop, even if you have small ones. You will possibly need to wear a bra for the rest of your life. 

Well, imagine there are women who really wanted children, but now they have them and they are all grown. Where does that leave the mother? There are those who are afraid to go back to work or start looking for a job because their self-esteem is at its lowest point. Surely, you can lose the weight, but sometimes that is not enough. Many of them choose to have their breasts lifted and augmented. This is how they feel confident again in themselves and are able to be happy and enjoy life.

There are also women who had weight issues and have tried all their life to lose it. They went through exhausting exercise regimens and had extremely low calorie diets and they succeeded to make it there and just be fit. Or they could’ve gone to a doctor and had bariatric surgery and lost the weight in just a couple of months. But there is one thing missing: their once big breasts are now saggy. Therefore, when you go to such lengths to look good and feel good, you take one more step and get some new boobs.

Some women have an obvious difference in size between their two breasts. We all know body parts are not really symmetrical and one breast can be slightly bigger than the other. But for some people, it is a big difference, and this a congenital condition. Those women can never feel confident enough to wear not even a tight sweater, and that is why surgery is a very good solution for them.

The reasons are so many and various, and the opposition can be so strong sometimes. Some will say you should go to a therapist and learn how to be happy with the way you look. And yes, this is true, therapy will help you, but you might still want breast implants. Psychologists say that if you are not happy with many parts of your body and you would want to improve everything, or if you change something and want to change it again, then yes, this could be a deeper issue and should be analyzed and probably treatable with therapy and medication. Whilst if you just want bigger breasts to make you feel good and you are sure this is the thing for you, then just go for it!


Will breast implants make me feel better?

Before taking the decision to have your breasts augmented, you need to be sure it is a good decision for you and that you know everything one could know about the procedure, risks, complications, long-term issues, etc. To establish if this is what you want, you need to ask yourself:

–    Do I want to do this for me or for others?

If your partner told you should have bigger boobs, then you should just leave them and stay as you are. If you’ve discovered your partner is cheating with a big-chested woman, then this is his problem and not yours, and going through an operation in the hopes he will come back to you is not really an option. The whole thing could throw you in a deeper depression and more pain than you already have.

If your co-workers or boss have ever commented on your cup size, then you need to sue them and leave right away, because that is a toxic environment and you do not really need a new pair of breasts, just a new job. If your friends often comment about your breast size or make fun of you on this subject, then they are not your friends and you should never trust them.

If you have worn padded bras and always wanted to have bigger breasts all your life, no matter if those around you never said anything about this or you just want to look and feel the way, then this is you. Your choice, your image, your confidence.

–    Are breasts really the reason I feel so insecure?

This is a big question, and for this one, you might need some assistance to answer it. You might need to see a therapist and discover if this is really the thing that bothers you or if there is more. Experienced and good plastic surgeons will refuse to operate on you if they suspect you have some other psychological underlying issues. A simple test is to put you in front of a mirror and ask you what you see. If you see a woman with small/saggy/unequal breasts, then you are a good candidate. But if the image you see has nothing to do or very little with how you look, then your issue cannot be solved by a plastic surgeon. Breast augmentation will probably help you short term with your body image confidence, but in the long run, your dissatisfaction with the way you look will resurface. 



If you check all the boxes above and you are in good health, then there is nothing stopping you. It will be something you do for yourself and it will feel good. It will boost your confidence and your self-image, and you will be able to achieve a lot with this new look. Studies have shown that when you feel good in your own skin and you are confident in the way you look, you tend to be more proactive, more resolute, more fun, and sociable. So, if this is just the push you need, you should do it.


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