Incision placement during buttock augmentation

Incision placement during buttock augmentation

06th Nov 2018

Beauty standard always change over time, and now women with enlarged breasts or buttocks are considered very beautiful. Men always tend to be attracted to signs of fertility, with enlarged buttocks being one of them. When talking about buttock augmentation, we need to understand that butt implants are not the only part of the deal. Apart from implants, you can also choose a fat transfer procedure, also known as fat grafting.

It is important to keep in mind that you still have to deal with scars due to incisions. As scars can be frustrating for some patients, we need to understand where scars are placed in each surgery that targets an augmentation of the buttocks.

Implant incisions

For implants, usually the incisions will be made in the inter-gluteal cleft, known as the gluteal fold. It is basically the space between the butt cheeks, which you don’t have to worry about at all. It can be hidden by underwear even when you wear a bikini. The incision is usually no more than 7 cm, and the surgeon will use the same incision for introducing both implants or even for additional procedures needed. For additional procedures, some plastic surgeons will add fat transfer or use liposuction for implant contour. If you add fat grafting around the implants, the implants will be much more stable.

Fat transfer incisions

For incisions during a fat transfer procedure, there are three types of incisions that a surgeon can use in combination. However, these incisions are smaller and narrower, and the scars will fade in time as a special syringe is used to inject the fat deposits. Depending on the area where the extra fat is needed, a surgeon can make incisions in the upper buttock area, lower area, or between the buttocks in the gluteal crease. On the other hand, if your own fat will be used for transfer, expect incisions in the area from where your fat tissue will be harvested. For fat grafting, liposuction is used, and scars will be in every area where liposuction took place. However, the incisions are extremely small when liposuction and fat transfer are involved.

Each plastic surgeon place the incision according to his preference and the anatomy of the patient. This means that your incisions might be located in different areas compared to a friend who had the same procedure. Plastic surgeons with more experience will always keep the incisions as small as possible, so try to find a doctor with a large portfolio and years of experience when choosing buttock augmentation surgery.

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