Increased confidence with breast implants

Increased confidence with breast implants

03rd Feb 2019

Increased confidence with breast implants


Breast augmentation with implants is a popular plastic surgery procedure that effectively increases the size of the breasts. The procedure is best for you if your breasts are smaller and the condition is affecting your self-confidence and quality of life. Bigger breasts make you look more feminine and beautiful, which can in turn boost your confidence level.

Breast implant surgery involves the use of artificial implants to add projection and shape to your breasts. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The implants are inserted inside the breasts through incisions. After the surgery, your breasts will appear bigger, which will make you appear physically attractive. As a result, your confidence will be restored.

Breast augmentation with implants

To understand how breast implant surgery can improve your confidence, it is important to understand what the surgery involves. 

Breast implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia. After the general anesthesia has been administered, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts. The size of the incisions depends on the implant type and size. The implants come in two forms: saline and silicone. 

Also, there are different sizes of breast implants. The implant size best for you will be determined during the consultation session. The doctor will examine your breasts and take certain measurements to recommend you a breast implant size. The implants are placed either under or over the pectoral muscle. After placing the implants in the intended position, the doctor will suture and close the incisions. Your recovery will start right after the surgery and can extend to many weeks. 

The results and self-esteem

Your confidence after breast implant surgery comes from the results. Also, your self-esteem will depend on how well your desired results have been delivered. 

There is no doubt that many women desire to have bigger breasts. Bigger breasts look aesthetically appealing and sexy. As such, women with smaller breasts often feel embarrassed and experience self-confidence issues. Their confidence level is often low. 

The lower confidence level associated with having smaller breasts affects the lives of women in many ways. For example, you may feel embarrassed and withdraw yourself from social activities. It can also affect your professional life and make you less productive and successful. You may not be able to perform with confidence at work. 

The good news is that the results of breast implant surgery can increase your confidence. After the procedure, your breasts will appear bigger and shapelier, which can boost your confidence and self-esteem. The aesthetic improvements will help you overcome the issues you have been facing in different aspects of your life. After the surgery, your intimate life will also improve because you will feel good and confident about yourself. Moreover, men consider women with bigger breasts as more fertile and sexy. This can boost your intimate life. 

Self-confidence after breast implant surgery

The self-confidence of most women is closely associated with their aesthetic appearance. When your body’s aesthetic features are appealing, you will naturally feel more confident. The breasts are one of the most important aesthetic areas of the female body. Not only do they signify your femininity, but also enhance your overall body outline. When the breasts are bigger and shapelier, they make women feel positive about themselves, which helps improve their self-esteem and confidence.

On the other hand, when the breasts are smaller, poorly shaped, asymmetrical, or flatter, they make you look unappealing, which results in lower self-confidence. If your breasts are smaller and the condition is affecting your self-confidence, you may consider breast implant surgery. However, keep in mind that breast implant surgery is highly invasive. You should consider it as a last resort and only when your aesthetic problems are affecting your confidence level. The surgery entails many risks and complications. You should do a risk/benefit analysis of the procedure and undergo surgery only when the benefits are greater than the risks.

If the condition in your breasts is affecting your confidence, you must discuss it with the surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The plastic surgeon should understand how your life is being affected so that he can recommend you the best course of action. Breast implant surgery will improve your aesthetic appearance. As a result, you will experience a gradual increase in your confidence level. 

When you are confident, you will have a positive outlook on your body aesthetics. This will lift your confidence to a new and higher level. The improvement in your confidence level itself comes with many benefits. The benefits will extend to many aspects of your life. In other words, it will help improve your quality of life.

The boost in your confidence will improve your social, personal, and professional life. You will start to mingle with people with confidence. It has been noted that women with flatter or smaller breasts often avoid social gatherings. After breast implant surgery, you will engage in social events with confidence. Also, many women with smaller breasts avoid going topless. For example, they feel embarrassed to go on the beach or swim. The good news is that the surgery will make your breasts bigger and prominent. As a result, you will feel confident when going topless.

When it comes to your personal life, you will be more confident with that as well after the surgery. For example, if you are embarrassed during sex due to your smaller breasts, the feeling of embarrassment will no longer exist after the surgery. You will feel more confident and have more pleasure in sex.

Also, many studies have found that there is a strong association between your body aesthetics and professional success. Most women with smaller breasts are less productive in their professional lives. They also lag behind when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. This happens because of lower confidence and negative body image. After breast implant surgery, your body image and confidence will improve, which will help you succeed in your professional life.

Many women with smaller breasts often try to hide their physical features socially and in professional settings. This is an indication that the condition is affecting their confidence level. If you are experiencing such issues, you should consider getting breast implants. The surgery will add projection and volume to your breasts, which will help you walk, talk, and be social with confidence. 

It has also been noted that physically attractive women can make more money than those with aesthetic flaws in their bodies. For instance, a saleswoman with bigger and attractive breasts can use her communication skills to convince her clients effectively. This happens because her confidence level is high due to her attractive physical features. As a result, she can make more sales and better deals that can bring her more money. On the other hand, a woman with smaller breasts may appear unattractive and have lower confidence. In such a case, she will not succeed in making more money. 

There is no doubt that physically attractive women with bigger breasts are more approachable and appear friendly. As a result, more people approach them, and they get access to better opportunities. When you have shapelier and prominent breasts, you can talk with confidence with people who approach you. The fact is that when your breasts are bigger and shapelier, they make you appear younger. In professional settings, most people prefer younger women because they appear more energetic and capable. One study even found that younger people are perceived as more competitive and goal-oriented. Recruiters often think young people have more confidence than older ones. As such, they unconsciously hire younger people in competitive positions. 

Breast implant surgery is a risky procedure. No matter how much your aesthetic features affect your confidence, you should not take a chance on your health. Breast implant surgery is an elective procedure. If you have serious health issues, the risks will be higher for you. In such a situation, you should avoid going under the knife. 


Breast implant surgery is an effective plastic surgery procedure that enhances the breasts by making them bigger. Women with smaller breasts often experience lower confidence level. As a result, they face problems in different areas of their life. Breast implant surgery makes the breasts bigger and shapelier, which improves the patient’s confidence level. After the surgery, you will experience improvements in your personal, professional, and social life, thanks to the boost in confidence provided by the surgery. However, you should be careful when considering breast augmentation with implants because it is a risky procedure. 


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