Increasing the chances of good scars after breast reduction

Increasing the chances of good scars after breast reduction

15th Jan 2019

Increasing The Chances Of Good Scars After Breast Reduction


The scars left behind after breast reduction surgery is a cost the patient has to pay to get breasts that are more in line with the rest of her anatomy and to get a release from the physical discomforts associated with having overly large breasts. The scars can take up to one year or more to fully heal and mature, and during this time the patient needs to pay attention to all the factors that could trigger bad scarring and to go to the follow-up consultations with the plastic surgeon to allow him to evaluate the cicatrization process.

To increase the chances of good scars after a breast reduction, there are a few things you should consider, such as:


Don’t smoke

The side effects of smoking are known by most people; however, not many know that smoking before and after surgery can trigger considerable complications and can delay the recovery process unnecessarily. The lack of proper oxygenation on the operated tissues can lead to skin necrosis, wound opening, or delayed wound healing. These are all complications that we are trying to avoid if you want good-looking scars after breast reduction surgery. Make sure to quit smoking at least three to six weeks before your procedure and remain a non-smoker for at least the same period of time post-operatively.


Use only products recommended by the plastic surgeon

The plastic surgeon is the one that will advise the best post-op wound care. It is important not to apply any products on the surgical incisions that are not recommended by the plastic surgeon. Even a product that is usually advised to promote faster healing and good cicatrization used at a bad time can trigger the opposite effect. Using the wrong products can cause infections, and these are a complication that promotes bad scarring and might need additional treatment.


Wear the special post-op bra

After breast reduction surgery, the plastic surgeon will advise you to wear a special post-op bra or a sports bra around the clock for the first few weeks after the surgery. The breasts need support and compression to heal after the surgery. Moreover, the bra will increase the chances of good scars due to the compression it offers to the tissues. This way we avoid the risk of the scars stretching and becoming wider due to the pressure applied on them when we move the upper part of the body.


Avoid sun exposure

If you want for your scars to be barely visible a year down the line, the recommendation is to avoid being in the sun for at least six months, preferably a year after the procedure. If you have to go out in the sun, make sure you are using good sunscreen protection and the breasts are also covered with clothes.


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