Initial meeting with the surgeon for butt implant surgery

Initial meeting with the surgeon for butt implant surgery

05th Jun 2019


Butt implant surgery often takes no longer than two hours to be performed and the recovery period is generally about two weeks. But what often takes much longer is finding the right plastic surgeon to perform your procedure. This can take months and even years, and it is important to find someone you can be comfortable and honest with as the results of your surgery are dependent on it.

The initial meeting with the surgeon is an occasion to ask all the details associated with the procedure and to find answers for all your concerns. Moreover, during this time you should make sure you are comfortable with your choice and the plastic surgeon, that he or she is someone you can trust with your health and your aesthetic appearance.

Keep in mind that the relationship with the plastic surgeon doesn’t end after getting the butt implants. You will be advised to come for follow-up consultations a year after the procedure. Moreover, an experienced and talented plastic surgeon might recommend you to have other procedures performed at the same time or at different times to improve the aesthetic appearance of your body furthermore.

During the initial meeting with the plastic surgeon, you should be prepared to undergo a medical examination, have some measurements and pictures taken, and discuss certain things about your medical condition and lifestyle. You will be asked whether you drink, smoke, and take drugs and also if you suffer from allergies and you are currently on medication for an affliction or disease.

The medical examination is performed on the buttocks and surrounding tissues. The plastic surgeon needs to check the condition of the tissues of the buttocks, not only the muscles and the skin but also the fat layer. Depending on their condition and your height and weight, the plastic surgeon will recommend the volume of the implants to be used and also if there is a necessity to combine fat transfer to this procedure.

Aside from the plastic surgeon assessing your candidacy, you will also have an opportunity to ask about how the procedure will affect you and what is to be expected during and after the procedure. Make sure to discuss anesthesia and hospitalization as well.

During the initial meeting with the surgeon, you will also get a cost estimate for the procedure you are interested in and will receive a list of tests to take beforehand. Because the pre-operative preparation is also important, the plastic surgeon might also give you a list of things to do to prepare yourself. It is important to carefully consider all the information you get from the plastic surgeon during the initial meeting before scheduling your surgery. Moreover, make sure you know the details of the post-op period and can take time off from work for the recovery period.  


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