Intense pain in the buttocks after getting implants

Intense pain in the buttocks after getting implants

22nd Mar 2020


Despite the tremendous development of plastic surgery over the last decades, there is no procedure that is completely risk-free. There is no surgery performed for health or aesthetic purposes that is not associated with any risks. However, some procedures are associated with more risks while for others the incidence rate of developing a complication is much smaller.

When it comes to butt implant surgery, patients interested in undergoing it should understand straight from the start that it is a complex and very delicate procedure. To achieve spectacular results and to avoid complications, you need to choose a talented, very experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and to be committed to following his recommendations for post-operative care. 

One of the risks of butt implants surgery and any other type of surgery is pain. The truth is that there is a certain amount of pain associated even with a simple paper cut, so it is normal for patients getting butt implants to experience a certain amount of pain and discomfort after the procedure. The plastic surgeon will tell you during the preoperative consultation that the pain and discomfort will be more pronounced during the first couple of days following the procedure and prescribed analgesics will alleviate the pain in a vast majority of cases. Patients with a low tolerance to pain can get stronger pills; however, there can be side effects associated with using stronger pills. 

If the patient is confronted with intense pain in the buttocks after getting implants that are not easily alleviated with analgesic medication and persists for more than a few days, this could be a sign of a complication. A damage of the sciatic nerve can cause intense pain in the buttocks, along with leg pain and difficulties while walking. Intense pain associated with high fever, redness in the area, and pus coming from the incision site can also be a sign of infection that needs immediate attention.

It is important to get off the bed and try to walk as soon as possible after the procedure. It might be easier to find a comfortable position and rest in bed than walking around the room fighting the discomfort; however, the plastic surgeon will be firm in his recommendation that you have to get off the bed and walk around the room for a few minutes every couple of hours. Pain medication should help you manage the pain and discomfort to move more freely. If the pain is very intense and doesn’t subside with the use of pain medication, the recommendation is to contact the plastic surgeon, describe the symptoms, and ask for advice.

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