Is a revision surgery ever required after a breast lift?

Is a revision surgery ever required after a breast lift?

24th Jul 2021


Even though most women undergo the breast lift believing that the procedure will deliver stellar results, a revision breast lift may be sometimes required. The bad news is that there is no guarantee that the breast lift will always provide excellent results. There is always a likelihood of a failed operation that may transpire in the form of asymmetrical breasts, general dissatisfaction with the results, more scarring, etc. 

The breast lift is meant to make the female beasts perky and firmer. But there is no guarantee that your body will predictably respond to the operation. There is always the risk that the healing may not happen as expected or the surgery may not go according to plan. These factors can affect the outcomes and trigger the need for a revision breast lift. A board-certified plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and tell you whether you need revision surgery.

Breast lift revision surgery

Women who get a breast lift need to be honest with themselves and with their surgeons. You need to have a valid and justifiable reason to demand a revision surgery. Do not consider a breast lift revision surgery for unrealistic and unjustifiable reasons. Always keep in mind that right after the operation, your breasts will not look perfect. It can take many weeks and even months for the final results to emerge. Initially, your breasts may look asymmetrical, swollen, and not correctly shaped. Do not consider revision surgery for at least three months after the procedure because in many cases it takes three months for the results to become prominent. 

Moreover, you will get scars on the breasts after the surgery. The scars will be more visible and prominent in the initial months following the surgery. As time passes, the scars will fade and become less noticeable. Keep in mind that the breast lift cannot be performed without scarring. Moreover, even if your reason for revision surgery is justified, you will need to wait for at least six months to get a revision done. 

A breast lift revision is required mostly when there is considerable asymmetry in the breasts after the surgery or when the breast shape is poor. It is also needed when the operation has failed to deliver the needed amount of firmness to the breasts or when a complication like internal structure or suspension break has happened. If the breast lift scars are bothering you, you should consider getting therapies like silicone sheeting or steroid treatment of the scars. 

It is vital for the patient to discuss the chance of revision surgery with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation for the breast lift. You should ask as to what problems after the surgery can trigger the need for revision surgery and the timeframe in which you can ask for a revision. You also need to discuss with the surgeon the different scenarios that may lead to the need for revision surgery and whether you will be required to pay for the revision procedure. 

Doing so will cover all bases in case a revision breast lift is required. It is vital for the patient to be reasonable. Some instances of revision surgeries are triggered by uncertain events, while others are led by patient carelessness or surgical error. You should share the responsibility and be rational. If your plastic surgeon is board-certified, then the chance to go for a revision breast lift will be minimal; however, it is always recommended that patients should be ready to cope with any situation. 

Reasons for breast lift revision surgery

Like all revision procedures, breast lift revision surgery is performed for different reasons. Even though the specific purposes may be different for different patients, the primary goal of revision surgery is to treat any shortcomings or flaws that have remained from the initial surgery so that your breasts can become firmer and beautiful. 

It is not uncommon for women to look for breast lift revision surgery after the initial procedure. Many patients want to have changes made to the breasts even years after the initial surgery. For example, the results of breast lift can be affected by aging and gravity. Pregnancy and breastfeeding after the procedure can also affect the results in negative ways. As such, many patients who experience one or more of these incidents go for revision surgery. 

Breast sagging after the initial surgery can happen for the reasons mentioned above; however, the breasts will not be severely saggy. Many women like to get their firmer breasts back, which is why they opt to go for a revision procedure. You can avoid revision surgery by maintaining a stable weight after the surgery, preventing pregnancy, and taking care of your skin. 

Another reason for many women to undergo a breast lift revision surgery is the bottoming-out of the breasts. Bottoming out happens when the tissue inside the breasts drops considerably or experiences undesirable changes. As a result, the nipples or breasts may become loose or stand too high on the chest. This condition can be treated via revision surgery. 

The breast lift’s primary goal is to raise the breasts and nipples, besides reducing the areolas. There is a chance that you may not be generally satisfied with the results. For example, you may think that your breasts need to be additionally firmer or that the nipples need to be additionally raised. The breast lift can be used to deliver these improvements after the initial surgery. 

Another reason why many women seek a revision breast lift is the development of asymmetrical breasts after the initial procedure. For example, one of your breasts may look smaller than the other or one may be firmer than the other. You should wait for three months after the breast lift to see the final results. If the breast asymmetry does not disappear even after three months, then you may go for revision surgery to correct the problem. 

What happens during a revision breast lift?

What will happen during revision surgery or how the procedure is performed depends on why you want to undergo surgery and what reasons have triggered the need for a revision procedure. However, most women who underwent a revision surgery reported that their experience was similar to the original breast lift. 

During the breast lift revision surgery, the plastic surgeon will use customized techniques to address the flaws or shortcomings in your breasts and help you achieve your aesthetic goals of firmer and beautiful breasts. The procedure may include contouring of the breast tissue, tissue and skin excision from one or both breasts, repositioning of the nipples, and trimming of the areola skin from the edges. It may also involve repairing and tightening of the underlying breast muscles. What will happen during the surgery depends on the problems that exist in the breasts after the initial procedure. 

Like all revision procedures, challenges exist when it comes to the breast lift revision surgery. For example, the existence of the scar resulting from the initial procedure may make it challenging to predict good results after revision surgery. Moreover, the plastic surgeon is dealing with the widening of tissue or functional changes caused by the initial procedure. What this means is that some patients may require the use of sophisticated and specialized surgical techniques. The surgery may also take more time. 

Many patients also go to the plastic surgeon’s office for revision surgery with more fear as compared to when they went for the initial procedure. The patient and surgeon need to have good rapport so that the surgeon can understand the patient’s concerns and goals. 

After revision surgery

Breast lift revision surgery is similar to the primary breast lift procedure. It involves the use of anesthesia and a complete recovery process. After the surgery, your breasts will be swollen, and you will be required to go through a full recovery process that can extend to many weeks. The patient must follow the plastic surgeon’s instructions for a safe and smooth recovery and achieve the desired improvements. The results of the revision surgery will transpire after many weeks and even months. 


The breast lift has a history of delivering impressive, reliable, and effective outcomes. However, like all plastic surgery procedures, the plastic surgeon cannot give you a guarantee that you will achieve 100 percent of your desired results. Many patients decide to get revision surgery for different reasons after the primary breast lift. In this article, I have discussed the main reasons why women go for revision surgery after the breast lift. 

I have also explained the importance and challenges of the revision procedure, in addition to explaining what may happen during the procedure. If you are not happy with your breasts after the breast lift, or if any complication has occurred after the procedure, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine your candidacy for a revision procedure.

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