Is breast augmentation always a solution for improving the appearance of the breasts?

Is breast augmentation always a solution for improving the appearance of the breasts?

28th May 2019

Is breast augmentation always a solution for improving the appearance of the breasts?


The breast augmentation procedure that uses implants to increase the size of the breasts is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries worldwide. The procedure has been around for over 50 years now, and the success rate has been increasing year after year while the risks have considerably minimized in time.

Nowadays breast implant surgery is a popular option for women with small breasts who want to make their breasts more proportionate to the rest of their body. It can be performed on patients with good health and emotional condition and do not suffer from severe or chronic diseases.

When thinking about the appearance of the breasts, most women jump straight to the breast augmentation procedure, but is breast augmentation always the best and only solution for improving the appearance of the breasts? Well, the reality is that breast implants are just one of the solutions, and other procedures can be recommended in other cases such as:


–    Saggy breasts

If the patient has saggy breasts (or breast ptosis as we call it in medical terms), chances are that getting implants will just accentuate the unsightly appearance of the breasts that are falling low on the chest wall. In the case of breast sagginess, the recommended procedure in most of the cases is the breast lift. Also known under the name of mastopexy, it can be performed with or without implants. This means that while getting the sagginess corrected, the patient can also choose to have the breasts enlarged. In just a few cases when the breast sagginess is minor, it is possible to correct it by inserting implants. Discuss this with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation.

–    The patient wants just a very discrete augmentation or an improvement in the shape of the breasts

Nowadays most women undergo breast enhancement procedures with the aim to achieve very natural results, so the augmentation desired is sometimes an increase in just one bra cup size. If this is the case, the plastic surgeon will check to see if another procedure is more suitable. This procedure is called breast lipofilling or fat transfer to the breasts. For the patient to be eligible to undergo this procedure, she must have adipose pockets in other areas of the body. Usually, we address the abdomen and the flanks to collect the fat to be grafted into the breasts.

Of course, even women who want just a minor augmentation of their breasts can choose implants for this purpose, but breast lipofilling is associated with fewer risks, a shorter recovery period, and completely natural results. Keep in mind that when breast lipofilling is performed, the final results will be affected by potential weight fluctuations that might occur or an ulterior pregnancy.


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