Is breast augmentation right for me?

Is breast augmentation right for me?

09th May 2017

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the size and fullness of the breasts. It is an invasive type of surgery, which is why many women think twice about getting it. Breast augmentation may involve the use of either silicone or saline gel, which are then inserted into each breast so that they can look perkier and fuller at the same time.

There are many women who feel self-conscious about their breasts because they are dissatisfied with the size or shape. They may consider breast augmentation because they have asymmetrical or small breasts, or even breasts that have lost their volume due to pregnancy or weight loss. Nevertheless, there is no wrong reason for it. The only thing that is important is that it is solely your decision, and that you choose a Board-certified surgeon.

Before you decide whether to go through a breast augmentation procedure, you should be both physically and mentally prepared. The reason being that when you go through a breast augmentation surgery, you may also go through several emotions that can be stressful at times. With the right mindset and a proper support system, patients will be more at ease during the recovery process.

Breast augmentation is not only done on women who just want to have larger breasts because they want to look sexy. Of course having fuller breasts can improve your figure, but for some women, it really is a necessity. One of the conditions where a breast augmentation surgery helps is for those with micromastia. This is also known as breast hypoplasia, wherein the breasts are underdeveloped even if they have already passed the puberty stage. Women who have this describe their breast to be too small. Women with this condition usually develop negative body image, which greatly affects their life. It may seem trivial to some, but physical appearance does play a role in a person’s psyche.

Aside from that, women who have asymmetrical breast may also benefit from a breast augmentation procedure. This condition is when the two breasts are uneven, meaning they have different size or shape. Although there is no such thing as perfectly symmetrical breasts, there are women who have severe asymmetry that is quite noticeable. Because of this, women opt for the surgery in order to correct this. Even though there will still be asymmetry present after the surgery, it should be less apparent through the breast augmentation.

The breast augmentation surgery can also help mothers regain their confidence back through this surgery. While these women may have been happy or content with their breasts before giving birth, there is a chance that they will be unhappy with the changes. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on a woman’s body in general. The breasts become fuller when they are filled with milk, but after breastfeeding, the breast may seem deflated. In such cases, there are moms who don’t really want to increase the size of their breasts, but they just want to restore them by making it fuller rather than deflated.

Evidently, there are many reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery. It is every woman’s right to go through with the surgery if she wishes to. Setting a consultation with a certified and experienced surgeon can help you decide whether to go through the augmentation or not. Some women find out from the consultation that they don’t really need a breast augmentation because there is another alternative, such as a breast lift. For this reason, it is beneficial to consult a surgeon first because they can guide you into choosing the most suitable procedure for yourself.


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