Is breast augmentation with implants the right choice for me?

Is breast augmentation with implants the right choice for me?

05th Aug 2017

The breast augmentation procedure with silicone implants caters to women with small breasts and women with mammary atrophy or mild mammary ptosis. Many of our patients wonder about the warranty of the breast implants, which turns out to be an important element in determining whether or not they will go through with the surgery. In most cases, the silicone implants can be kept for the rest of the patient’s life, but they do come with a ten year guarantee that can usually be extended.

When preparing for breast augmentation with implants, the most important issue for you to consider is the risks and complications of the surgery. The only way to determine whether breast augmentation is the right choice for you is if you understand and agree with all the details of the operative plan, as well as the potential complications that can occur post-operatively.

On the other hand, if you have a very strict budget and you know that you can’t possibly afford a revision surgery, then the breast augmentation procedure might not be the ideal choice for you since the implants might need to be removed or replaced over time due to complications or other factors.

Breast augmentation for sagging breasts

Most patients believe that if they have sagging breasts, and they desire bigger, firmer breasts, then breast augmentation with implants is the perfect solution. This is because they think that the implants can eliminate all traces of sagging due to the added volume. Well, the reality is a bit different. We perform the breast augmentation procedure with silicone implants for sagging breasts only if the ptosis (breast sagging) level is mild. If we are talking about a severe breast sagging condition, then the correct method is to do a breast lifting followed by an implant surgery. The reason being that if we perform a breast augmentation with implants on extremely sagging breasts, the breasts will actually sag even more due to the extra weight. The implants are suitable for sagging breasts only after the mastopexy surgery because it offers an elevated position for the breasts, while removing the excess skin and breast tissue.

The breast augmentation with implants can be performed on young patients who desire a more voluminous bust, as well as women who are confronted with smaller or sagging breasts due to pregnancy, surgery or massive weight loss. A good plastic surgeon will choose the shape of the implants (tear-shaped or round) based on the dimensions of the patient’s body and her desires and expectations from the surgery.

About the breast augmentation procedure

During the breast augmentation intervention, the mammary implants are placed in pockets on top or behind the mammary gland, and they usually don’t affect breastfeeding in any way.

The augmentation of the breasts with silicone implants is also called augmentation mammoplasty, and it is probably one of the most requested plastic surgical procedures in the United States and in the world right now.

About the silicone implants

Nowadays, the breast implants used have a good mechanic resistance and an impressive quality. Using implants with cohesive silicone gel ensures firmness and a natural consistency in your breasts, while also eliminating the risk of silicone leaking.

The silicone implants that we use are medical devices of exquisite quality, and well tolerated by our body. They are made out of a highly resistant silicone shell and with a surface designed to cause minimal reactions from the body. The content is made out of silicone gel with a consistency similar to the natural breasts. The elastic resistance is so high that it can be stretched up to 5 times before breaking.

In addition, the silicone implants have no cancer risk or any type of risk that can influence the health condition of the patient. However, even if the silicone implants are harmless to the body, the intervention itself has several potential risks and complications associated with it.

More about the operative process

As we have mentioned before, the silicone implants are either positioned under the mammary gland or under the pectoral muscle. The incision site may differ depending on the agreement you had with your doctor regarding the operating method. You can have inframammary incisions, periareolar incisions or axillar incisions. The most commonly used one is the inframammary incision. The operative method, as well as the position and the type of implant are decided individually for each patient.

Most of the time, the patient is required to spend a day in the hospital or clinic for observation. During the breast implant surgery, the plastic surgeon can also correct sagging breasts, breasts asymmetries or other malformations of the nipple in just one session.

After the breast augmentation surgery

The mammary augmentation can cause mild pain, but this will disappear in a few days and can be easily managed with antalgic medication. Expect to feel a bit of pressure in your chest area during the first week. The bandages will be changed after about four days, and the swelling and bruising will gradually decrease until it completely disappears about two weeks after the surgery.

The girdle is mandatory for the first month after the surgery. Mild physical effort is permitted after the first week, but any sports or strenuous physical activities will be prohibited for at least a month. In the case of anatomical implants, any energetic massages or movements of the area should be avoided.

Complications of the breast augmentation with implants surgery

There is a list of potential complications that can occur after any type of surgery and the breast augmentation with implants is no exception to it. Aside from the common complications such as swelling and bruising, hematoma and seroma, bleeding and infection, we also have the capsular contracture as a specific complication of breast augmentation. In some cases, the capsular contracture might require a surgical revision and even the removal and replacement of the silicone implant. It will depend on the severity.


The breast augmentation procedure is the plastic surgery intervention that helps all women who are unhappy with the volume and the shape of their breasts, regardless of their age. Young women with mammary hypertrophy can benefit from the surgery as well as more mature women suffering from mammary atrophy and breasts ptosis after giving birth and breastfeeding. Thus, this breast augmentation procedure resolves different types of issues.

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