Is breast reduction procedure suitable for teenagers?

Is breast reduction procedure suitable for teenagers?

15th Jul 2017

Many women go to surgeons for breast augmentation, but there are those who consult surgeons for a breast reduction procedure. Large breasts may be aesthetically pleasing, but it can limit the activities and movements of the blessed individual. Plastic surgery procedures are usually performed on adults, but teenagers have gone through these surgical procedures before.

The breast reduction procedure is definitely viable for teenagers, especially if the size of the breasts are causing harm or difficulties. Large breasts typically causes neck pains, back pains, shoulder pains and an increased risk or vulnerability to an infection. Many teens with larger breasts become very uncomfortable with them, because they are hindered by the weight of the breasts. The inconvenient size may also affect their confidence, because they will find it difficult to find clothes that fit properly.

Most surgeons have no qualms about performing the reduction procedure on teenagers. This is especially true when they see that the size of the breast is not proportionate to the patient’s figure. An example is an adolescent with a short stature and a D cup size breasts. Although a taller teen may feel comfortable with this size, this size is not proportionate to a petite body type.

It is important to find a certified and experienced surgeon to do the procedure. The parents should also be aware of the teenager’s decision, as their consent is required before the surgery can be approved. A teen’s pediatrician should also be involved in the decision to make sure that the adolescent is medically cleared for the surgical procedure.

Surgeons normally recommend that the patient should wait until their breasts are already fully formed before undergoing the procedure. Adolescent patients should understand the weight of their decision with the help and support of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). The success rate of the breast reduction procedure is very high and the majority of patients are satisfied with the results.

The breast reduction surgery involves the removal of the skin and tissues to lessen the size and reshape the breasts. In some patients, a liposuction procedure can be done in conjunction with the breast lift. This removes the excess fat in the breasts.

Through the breast reduction surgery, a teen can feel more comfortable and less inhibited in their movements. The patient will experience relief from the pain after the procedure decreases the weight associated with large breasts. The appearance of the breasts will also change and it will be more proportional to the body’s figure.

Many surgeons report that an increasing number of teens opt for the breast reduction surgery nowadays. Some people relate the increasing number of adolescent breast reduction patients to the increased hormones in the modern diet. It can be due to the increasing number of obese people, or it could be due to early puberty. Regardless of the cause, the surgical breast reduction surgery can improve the comfortability and confidence of an adolescent.


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