Is fat transfer to the breasts safer than breast augmentation with implants?

Is fat transfer to the breasts safer than breast augmentation with implants?

10th Apr 2017

Is fat transfer to the breasts safer than breast augmentation with implants?Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that can improve the appearance of the breasts, either by increasing the size or restoring the breast volume that has been lost. Many women go through this kind of surgery to help them look better, which in the long run, can also boost their confidence. Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, can be done in two ways: one is by transferring fat to the breast, and the other is by using breast implants.

During the fat transfer procedure, fat is liposuctioned from several different areas of the body until the surgeon has gathered enough to augment the breasts. Many patients love this procedure because it basically kills two birds with one stone by removing excess fat from certain parts of your body, like the flanks, tummy, etc. For example, if the doctor removes the excess fat from your tummy, this will give you a slimmer waist.

Once the fat is harvested, it is purified so that only the fat cells remain. This is what is injected into your breasts to augment them. It should be noted that there is a limit as to how much fat can be injected into the breast because it can do more harm than good. Consequently, the results for some may not be as drastic as they would want it to be, which is why those who undergo the procedure should manage their expectations.

Nevertheless, the fact remains is that fat transfer has a huge advantage because the procedure does not involve inserting foreign material into your body. Because the fat comes from your own body, it will not cause your body to react badly to it. Moreover, it gives you a more natural look than implants because this procedure makes the breasts look fuller, yet still not that big. Another thing that patients love about this procedure is how small the incision mark is. Because fat is only injected, there is no need for large incision marks that result to large scars.

On the other hand, breast augmentation with implants are infused with a silicone or saline gel, which is why you get an immediate and significant increase in the size of your breasts. However, this also means that you will have a bigger scar. Given that this type of procedure requires making incisions, the recovery period will take longer than the fat transfer procedure.

With that said, both procedures are considered safe to use and are effective methods to augment the breast. But like all surgeries, there are limitations and risks to both procedures that patients should consider. It is important for them to determine if the procedure is worth it for them despite all these risks. For example, while fat transfer is considered safe, there are still some surgeons who are against it because of its potential to form calcification. This type of complication can interfere with mammograms. For this reason, you should first do your research to see how safe or unsafe a procedure is and whether it suits you.

Each procedure comes with its own pros and cons. For fat transfer, there is a limited amount of fat that can be transferred to the breast, thereby affecting the results. If you really want a significant augmentation, then it would be best to go for an implant. This is because you can choose from different sizes, and there are larger sizes that can accommodate your preference.

Although it is still not clear as to which of the two methods are safer, breast augmentation, in general, would certainly be a much safer procedure if it is done by experienced and certified surgeons. It is important to carefully select who will be performing your surgical breast augmentation because it greatly affects the success rate of your chosen procedure.


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