Is it better to get implants with the breast lift?

Is it better to get implants with the breast lift?

04th Feb 2020


After one or multiple pregnancies, significant weight loss, or the natural aging process, women can find themselves confronted with the unpleasant phenomenon of breast sagginess. Breast ptosis has different levels and is characterized by a low position of the breasts on the chest wall, a deflated appearance, and in some cases, the nipples facing down instead of forward. Breasts affected by ptosis often have stretch marks, which is the reason why there are many women resorting to mastopexy nowadays. With the help of plastic surgery, namely the breast lift or mastopexy in medical terms, we can correct the appearance of the breasts and their position on the thorax. 

This procedure is often performed as a part of the Mommy Makeover package after massive weight loss. To get perky breasts once the breast ptosis has occurred, there is no other viable method aside from plastic surgery. Even when it comes to using plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of saggy breasts, it is just the breast lift that can do this and not breast augmentation as some people might tend to think.

Using implants alone to correct moderate or severe ptosis is not possible nor is it recommended as the results might be unsatisfactory and the breast ptosis might even be accentuated instead of corrected.

However, when considering the breast lift, there are patients thinking about getting more volume for their breasts at the same time. The plastic surgeon will explain that when the breast lift is performed and the excess skin is eliminated, the breasts might look a bit smaller than before the procedure. The volume of the mammary gland is not affected during this surgery; however, there is a certain amount of skin that will be removed from the breasts. This means that if you have smaller breasts already, you might consider getting implants inserted as well.

Patients ask whether it is better to get implants with the breast lift or schedule breast augmentation after mastopexy. Generally speaking and if there are no contraindications to undergoing combined procedures, it is better to have both procedures performed in one operative setting. 

This is good for several reasons. First, the patient will go through the recovery period and taking time off from work only once. Second, the costs are reduced as we only need one general anesthesia and one hospitalization fee. Moreover, the patient will enjoy the superior results that can be achieved when combining implants with a breast lift. However, to achieve satisfactory results and to be able to sustain them for a longer period of time, you need to choose a sensible volume for the implants. Overly large implants will lead to ulterior breast sagginess and hence might determine the need for additional procedures later on in life.

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