Is it better to have one plastic surgery at a time or to combine procedures?

Is it better to have one plastic surgery at a time or to combine procedures?

01st Feb 2017

We are all fully aware of the cultural pressure to uphold the ideal model of beauty and femininity. It is a reality greatly influenced by several factors. The inability to live up to the standards of femininity (narrow waist, big breasts, long legs, etc.) can cause stress and shame. As time passes, society’s standards of beauty will become increasingly more complex. Despite the positive impact of plastic surgery procedures, diets, and daily exercise, perfection will always be impossible to achieve.

More about plastic surgery procedures

Some people have a very clear idea of what they want to achieve through plastic surgery. However, other people may not know the most suitable procedure for their particular case. Moreover, due to the flood of information, it may be difficult to find pertinent data regarding the best procedure for someone’s specific goals. For example, people may request a breast augmentation, but after an in-depth consultation with a surgeon, it is revealed that their primary concern is actually with their breasts sagging. They merely wanted a breast augmentation to correct the sagging because they were unaware of a better alternative.

It is essential for patients to understand that choosing the plastic surgeon is crucial for the procedure’s success. Only an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to determine your real concerns and correct and improve upon your imperfections with minimal costs and complications involved.

In most cases, the first visit to the plastic surgeon’s office is enough to gauge if he or she is the right surgeon. The initial consultation can last half an hour or more, during which you will discuss your desires and expectations from the surgery. Don’t choose a procedure without considering the input from your plastic surgeon. It is the plastic surgeon’s responsibility to evaluate your anatomy and health status before suggesting treatment options to correct your flaws or improve certain body features. The plastic surgeon may also recommend combining different procedures in order to achieve improved results.

One surgical intervention, several emotional complexes solved

Nowadays, you can combine surgical procedures with your surgeon’s approval. If a patient wants to modify the size of their breasts and the shape of their nose, they can now combine two different procedures to satisfy their desires.

There is no need to wait months in between surgeries to improve multiple areas of the body due to the new surgical methods which allow surgeons to combine numerous procedures in one session. This means that general anesthesia will be administered only once and all your major body imperfections may be rectified in one operation.

Keep in mind that certain plastic surgery procedures cannot be combined with each other. Your plastic surgeon will guide you after you have cleared the careful examination of your medical condition. Combining plastic surgery procedures means that the anesthesia will be administered only once, resulting in a shorter recovery period. Detailed knowledge of the operative technique combined with the experience and skills of the plastic surgeon can guarantee a successful combined surgery with spectacular results.

How can we combine plastic surgery interventions?

Breast augmentation with waist liposuction – the liposuction will accentuate the bust and the augmentation will emphasize the waist

– Breast lift with liposuction

– Buttock augmentation with liposuction

– Tummy tuck with breast lift

– Tummy tuck with breast augmentation

– Tummy tuck with liposuction

These are just a few of the possible combinations that can be performed in one operative session.


The tummy tuck, liposuction, buttock and breast augmentation are among the most requested plastic surgery interventions. The reality is, however, that many patients are afflicted with more than one imperfection, and it may be a better idea to correct all of them at once. Of course, this decision can only be made after discussing everything with the plastic surgeon.

The recovery period may be longer than it would be, had the patient only undergone one procedure. However, the recovery period is much shorter if one were to combine the recovery periods of every procedure done separately.

Your plastic surgeon is the only one who can assess your condition and eligibility for undergoing multiple procedures in one operative session. The Mommy Makeover is one of the most popular ‘packages’ of procedures.

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