Is it dangerous to get silicone injected into the buttocks?

Is it dangerous to get silicone injected into the buttocks?

05th Mar 2019

The big booty trend is huge, and there is no question about it. If up until a few years ago we would talk about the fascination with big booties and only refer to women from South America, now the big booty trend has taken over the world and both men and women from all over the globe are resorting to plastic surgery to increase the size of their buttocks.

Plastic surgery offers different butt augmentation methods, depending on the needs and aesthetic goals of the patients and also the initial condition of the tissue of the buttocks. One of the procedures commonly performed to help patients augment their butt is butt implant surgery. The procedures uses an external prosthesis called a gluteal implant and is inserted into the gluteal muscles or under these muscles to increase the size of the butt and their projection. Gluteal implants are made of a highly cohesive silicone gel that is safe for the body and not associated with any severe complications. The silicone used for these implants is the same used for other medical devices that are implanted into the body during surgery performed on the heart and kidney, among others.

Many patients don’t know that there is a big difference between the silicone implants used for butt augmentation and the silicone injections that you can get on the black market. Silicone injections are illegal and can be found only on the black market for a very clear and specific reason: they harm the body, not just your buttocks. Saying that the silicone injected hurts only buttocks would be an understatement as there are many people who die every year from it.

In short, it is dangerous to get silicone injected into the buttocks. Many women interested in getting bigger buttocks who have thought this was a good idea ended up paying with their lives for this mistake. Moreover, there are also plenty of women who still pay for getting the cheapest butt augmentation with silicone injections and now how been disfigured forever and are in need of plastic surgery to reconstruct the structures of their buttocks.

Silicone injections are dangerous because they don’t use the same type of silicone as the one in gluteal implants. It might sound like the same thing, but it is not. Silicone is what we use to isolate the bathtub (the white substance that comes in a tube), and it is also silicone that we can use around the house for different tasks. But this is what we call industrial use silicone, and it is very different from medical silicone. Moreover, implants are meant to stay in one place and medical silicone is highly cohesive. Industrial silicone when injected can migrate and cause issues in the surrounding areas.

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