Is it normal to be nervous before plastic surgery?

Is it normal to be nervous before plastic surgery?

09th Nov 2019

Is it normal to be nervous before plastic surgery?


Plastic surgery is more and more popular nowadays, and there are patients who have undergone multiple procedures in the last decade. It is true that plastic surgery has become more accessible and affordable than ever before, and people from different socio-economic backgrounds can now resort to these types of procedures to correct aesthetic imperfections and enhance their bodies. 

Even if its popularity is on the rise, the reality is that plastic surgery still entails risks and complications that can occur during and after the procedure and is also associated with a certain level of discomfort and pain. This means that plastic surgery is still surgery. It is a medical act and no walk in the park. Depending on the health and emotional condition of the patient as well as other factors, the procedures performed can be more or less risky for the patient. General complications that can occur after plastic surgery are side effects to the general anesthetic used, excessive bleeding, the development of a seroma or hematoma, blood clot formation, and infection, to name just as few. Some of them are serious risks that can lead to life-threatening consequences if not diagnosed and treated in time. 

We have patients coming to the pre-operative consultation and telling us that they are a bit nervous and scared about undergoing the procedure they are interested in. This is normal, and I would be worried if the patient wouldn’t be concerned in the slightest about undergoing surgery. No procedure is 100% risk-free or pain-free, so it is a natural response of the patient to show a certain level of concern and to be nervous before the procedure. To ensure an increased level of emotional comfort before the procedure, we make sure to give the patient all the details associated with the operation and recovery period. Our belief is that if the patient knows exactly what, when and how things are going to happen, this will give him a certain peace of mind and more confidence that everything will go according to the plan and the procedure will be successful. A common worry for patients undergoing plastic surgery is whether they will achieve the desired results. There is never a guarantee that you will look exactly like you have envisaged when the final results transpire; however, there are certain things you can do to ensure you are on the right track. Among these are choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and following his post-operative instructions to the letter.

To summarize, it is normal to be nervous before plastic surgery, but with a good level of preparation and knowing what to expect when the procedure is over, you can avoid being overly stressed before and after the surgery. Also, keep in mind that a positive attitude can significantly contribute to a short recovery process.

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