Is it possible to achieve hourglass body with buttock augmentation

Is it possible to achieve hourglass body with buttock augmentation

02nd Oct 2018

Smaller, flatter and poorly shaped buttocks can be a source of lower self-esteem for women. The modern standards of physical beauty require having the hourglass figure, which features wider hips, bigger butts, smaller waist, and shapelier breasts. However, there are only a few women who naturally have this kind of body. Most rely on outside interventions to achieve the figure of their dream.

One of the common questions we hear from women is whether it is possible to achieve the hourglass body with butt augmentation. The traditional approach will not give you every distinct feature of the hourglass body. Fortunately, there is a modern approach called hourglass buttock augmentation procedure that can absolutely help you achieve the hourglass shape.

Remember, the goal of the traditional butt augmentation is to make your buttocks appear bigger. On the other hand, the hourglass butt augmentation has multiple goals to achieve. The procedure not only adds projection to your backside but also makes your it shapelier and more voluptuous. Aside from this, it also decreases the size of your waist and makes your hips appear wider, giving you a curvier body.

The hourglass procedure uses your own body fat to deliver your aesthetic goals. The surgery involves removal of the unwanted, excess fat from your abdomen, sides, and flanks through liposuction. The fat is then processed and injected in your butt and hips. During the whole surgery, the plastic surgeon uses his expertise to deliver every unique feature of the hourglass shape, with a focus on creating a curvy body.

So, what actually is the difference between the hourglass butt augmentation and the Brazilian butt lift? Well, they are two different approaches in many respects, but the hourglass butt augmentation can be called as an advanced version of the BBL. What makes the hourglass procedure unique is that it involves the use of sophisticated techniques to distribute the fat in the target areas.

Moreover, the BBL’s goal is not to deliver the hourglass body but to give a projected and enhanced buttocks. On the other hand, the hourglass butt augmentation also involves sculpting your abdomen, sides, and flanks during the liposuction. This means that not only will your butt appear aesthetically pleasant, but your tummy and sides will also look smaller and toned.

During the fat transfer process, the plastic surgeon will carefully dispense the fat in and around the buttocks and hips, so the benchmarks of the hourglass shape are achieved. Remember, the sense of aesthetics and artistry of the plastic surgeon plays a critical role here, in addition to his surgical expertise and experience. Therefore, it is important to have the surgery performed only by a board-certified plastic surgeon who is capable of showing you a proven record of his experience in the specific procedure.

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