Is it possible to combine a tummy tuck with buttock augmentation?

Is it possible to combine a tummy tuck with buttock augmentation?

18th Aug 2017

There are lots of plastic surgeries that are available today. Many of them can be combined in just one sitting so that you can recover from the different plastic surgeries at the same time. Although there are different plastic surgeries that can be combined, there are some that you just can’t have in just one sitting, like the tummy tuck and the buttock augmentation procedures.

The tummy tuck procedure tightens the abdomen through the removal of excess skin and fat resulting in a firmer and smoother tummy area. The buttock augmentation, on the other hand, deals with the buttocks to make it rounder, bigger and more contoured. The tummy tuck is worked on the front side while the buttock augmentation is worked on the backside.

It is not possible to have both of these plastic surgery procedures in one sitting for several reasons. First of all, it is recommended to sleep on the tummy when you have a buttock augmentation, and you can’t do that when you have a tummy tuck. Similarly, some surgeons also advise their patients to sit down with their hips flexed in order to help with their tummy tuck recovery. This too cannot be done when you had the buttock augmentation surgery at the same time. One surgery would prevent the proper recovery of the other, so it is not advised to have both of the procedures in one sitting.

Secondly, during the recovery stage, it can be very difficult for you to be mobile because of the aggressiveness of the two surgeries combined. If you are not mobile, there is a higher risk that a clot will form in your legs. This clot can travel through your blood vessels, get stuck and block the flow of blood to and from the different organs in the body. This is quite dangerous and can even lead to death. Both procedures are also considered as major plastic surgery procedures and combining them isn’t really safe.

Another reason why it is not possible to combine the procedures in just one sitting is because of the position in the operating room. The tummy tuck requires being in a seated position to make sure that there is proper circulation in the incision area. On the other hand, a butt augmentation procedure requires the patient to be lying on their stomach to keep the pressure off of the buttocks.

Lastly, the time it takes to do each of the procedure is already long, and most surgeons aren’t really confident in doing very long procedures because it can also endanger the life of the patient. Instead of doing both of the procedures in just one sitting, it is advised to do one surgery at a time. By allowing the body to heal first after the first procedure, you can make use of the other body parts to help your body heal the wounds that you get when the second procedure is done.

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