Is it possible to get a natural look with breast implants?

Is it possible to get a natural look with breast implants?

29th Nov 2017

You might have seen women who underwent breast implant surgery and achieved impressive results. However for some, the implants are pretty obvious and people can tell the difference. For many women wishing to increase the volume of their breasts, it is important to get a result that is as natural as possible. Is there a secret to getting a natural look after breast augmentation with implants? Some would say the key is to choose a talented plastic surgeon.

How do we define a natural look?

The goal of breast augmentation surgery is for the patient to maintain or regain a shape, size and consistency of the breasts that is as natural as possible. Breast implants must be invisible to the naked eye and not cause excessive bulging on the upper side of the breasts. The chest should have a harmonious proportion to the rest of the body. This is why it is important to listen and ask for advice from the plastic surgeon during the consultations and simulations to help you make a wise choice.

Of course, there are patients who want a significant increase in the size of the bust, even if this is not suitable for their anatomy. In these cases, it is unrealistic to expect a natural look after the intervention.

Taking the patient’s characteristics into account

Depending on the body size, build, silhouette, and the initial size of the breasts, the surgeon will offer suggestions regarding the size and shape of the breast implants that are more appropriate. If the plastic surgeon is experienced enough, he will also recommend the placement of the implant to be under the pectoral muscle. To achieve a natural, satisfactory result, we should also take into consideration the morphology of the breast, the position of the nipple/areola complex, and the degree of mammary ptosis. Other important aspects that cannot be neglected are the quality of the skin and the amount of mammary gland. These can all influence the aesthetic result after the surgery. Under normal conditions, good skin elasticity and a reasonable amount of breast tissue can offer enough coverage for the implant and can reduce the appearance of implant rippling.

Making the right choice

• Choosing a reasonable implant volume is critical. If the implant will have a large volume, there is the risk of being felt to the touch. Testing the implant’s size and the plastic surgeon’s advice will be a valuable help to find the right breast implant volume.

• To get a more natural final aspect and feel of the breasts, it is often recommended for patients to opt for silicone gel breast implants. Silicone gel implants are flexible and have a consistency resembling that of the natural mammary gland. New implants nowadays are safe in terms of the cohesiveness of the gel.

• Choosing an anatomically shaped breast implant is recommended, especially for very flat chests in thin patients to avoid a bulging appearance. In this case, the use of round breast implants can lead to less than satisfactory results when using small volume implants. However, if an anatomically-shaped implant rotates, the breast can look disfigured.

• For a more natural look, the optimal positioning of the implants is behind the pectoral muscle, or in an area called the dual plane. The top of the implant is placed behind the pectoral muscle (to become less palpable and visible as possible and to prevent the rippling or wrinkling effect) and the lower front of the muscle behind the mammary gland (to get a nice natural place on the lower part of the breast). Note that when there is some degree of ptosis, a position in front of the muscle can be discussed so that the breast implant is not placed too high.

The nature of implants, their volume, the implantation pocket, the surgical technique, and the original breast tissue are all components that will determine the success of a natural breast augmentation with implants. This procedure may also be a solution for treating breast asymmetries and breast ptosis and can offer an improved overall aspect of the patient’s anatomy. Take into account that the patient’s characteristics, as well as the expectations and using the right techniques, are the keys to achieving as natural results as possible.


Some women want bigger, rounder breasts and don’t particularly care if they look natural or not. Others want to make it less obvious, opting for a more natural look.

Achieving a natural result after a breast augmentation with implants is not impossible. Most surgeons will agree that a successful breast augmentation should look as natural as possible.

To be able to get a natural look, it is important to ask for your plastic surgeon’s advice so that he may provide suggestions in terms of size, shape, and texture of the implant.

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