Is it possible to lift the breasts without surgery?

Is it possible to lift the breasts without surgery?

29th Jan 2019

Is It Possible To Lift The Breasts Without Surgery?



The aesthetics of the breasts is a common concern for women all over the world. The modern standards of beauty are very strict and present an ideal represented by a woman with perky, large, and round breasts. But breast ptosis is a condition that affects a vast majority of women, especially after 40 years when gravity, weight fluctuations, multiple pregnancies and the natural aging process put their mark on the appearance of the breasts.

Ptosis is defined by the sagginess of the breasts. The skin envelope looks distended, the upper pole looks empty, and the breasts look like they are falling off the chest wall. The breast lift is the recommended procedure to rejuvenate the breasts and make them perky and firm once again; however, many women confronted with this condition want to know if it is possible to lift the breasts without surgery.

In this article, we will discuss breast ptosis and also discover if there are other methods to lift the breasts aside from the ones offered by plastic surgery.


Breast ptosis

Sagging breasts occurs and affects all women with aging but in different degrees. Some of the factors that can cause breast sagginess are weight fluctuations, overly large breasts, aging, and gravity.

Breast ptosis can be classified into three main categories: minor, moderate and severe, or level 1, 2 and 3. Minor breast ptosis is diagnosed when the nipple is positioned on the inframammary fold and over the lower pole of the breasts. For moderate breast ptosis, the nipple is 1-3 cm under the inframammary fold but over the main portion of the breast that is on the lower part of the fold. For severe breast ptosis, the nipple is more than 3 cm under the inframammary fold, usually facing down and the upper pole of the breast is empty.

Breast ptosis can be explained as a progressive decrease in the volume of the upper pole of the breasts combined with a distention of the skin envelope. Breast ptosis is accentuated with age and might be accelerated by different factors such as multiple pregnancies or considerable weight fluctuations.

In other words, breast sagginess is actually a distension of the skin envelope and the ligaments that hold the breasts in an elevated position with a falling of the mammary gland. Now let’s see if it is possible to lift the breasts without surgery.


Lifting the breasts without plastic surgery

Perky breasts are certainly an ideal for many women. Nowadays there is a constant concern with the aesthetics of the body, especially breasts which are one of the most important symbols of femininity. Many women look for possible methods to rejuvenate the appearance of the breasts and make them perky again after they have been affected by gravity or other factors.

Here are some of the methods that women consider for breast lifting purposes and their effects:


  1. Physical exercise

Some people tend to believe that physical exercises to lift the breasts are a solution that can offer a lifting effect. However, the reality is that exercise is a good idea only when it comes to the health of the patient and the overall appearance of the body.

The breasts are not made out of the muscles, so it would be very difficult to correct them by doing physical exercise. The pectoral muscle is placed under the structures of the breasts. We have already seen how breast ptosis works and the tissues that it affects. Unfortunately, there are no physical exercises to tone the mammary gland as it is not a muscle. Even if you tone the pectoral muscle, the breast ptosis will see little to no improvement. Moreover, breast ptosis can also be caused by engaging in physical activities without proper support for the breasts. This means that if you want to delay the onset of breast ptosis or avoid an acceleration of breast sagginess, you should always wear a good quality sports bra while exercising. Failing to do so can speed up the breast sagginess instead of curing it.

While physical exercises are not going to lift your breasts, they are an ideal method to lose some weight in a natural manner and to remodel the bust line, the waist, and overall physical appearance.


  1. Creams, lotions, oils, serums

If you go to any supermarket, chances are you will find plenty of products that promise to elevate your breasts. The prices range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. But are they efficient and can they make good on their promise? Studies show that most of these products aim to increase or stimulate the production of collagen and hence tone and firm the skin on the breasts. However, no creams or topical product can get in the deep layers of the tissues. Their effects are superficial at best.

Some patients might notice a slight improvement in the appearance of the breasts after using some firmness cream; however, the effect of the cream is on the skin and not on the shape or position of the breasts. This means that you can get smooth and silky skin on the breasts after using these products for a long period of time, but the breasts won’t be elevated with the help of a cream or serum.


  1. Breast massages

Breast massage is another technique some promote as efficient in treating breast sagginess. And while breast massages can be advised and should be performed by women on a regular basis, hoping to elevate the mammary gland by massaging the skin is unlikely to provide any sustainable results. Moreover, a wrong massage technique used on the breasts can also accelerate sagginess, so make sure you massage your breasts correctly.


Lifting the breasts with plastic surgery

To better understand why it is not possible to lift the breasts without surgery, we should discuss what happens during a breast lift.

When the breast lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will perform incisions on one or multiple areas of the breasts. These incisions are used to detach the skin envelope from the mammary gland. The mammary gland is re-centered and elevated to an anatomically correct position while the excess skin tissue is removed. After the plastic surgeon remodels the breasts in the desired shape, the incisions are sutured and compressive bandages are placed on top of the surgical wounds.

As you can see, there is no other cure for skin sagginess than the excision of this skin that is in excess. Moreover, the mammary gland needs to be repositioned and kept in place by the structures of the breasts. A breast lift works in a way like getting an internal bra for the breasts that keeps them in an elevated position.

However, it is important to know that even after undergoing plastic surgery to lift the breasts, the results won’t be permanent. The breasts change in time, just like the rest of the body. With the effects of gravity or other factors, the breasts might be affected by ptosis again. To prolong the beautiful results achieved with plastic surgery, the patient is advised to wear the compressive bra for as long as recommended and take good care of the breasts after the procedure.

Keep in mind that all surgical procedures come with the cost of scars left behind. The scars after the breast lift surgery are permanent, but in the case of a successful procedure, they can be easily masked by clothing and lingerie.



For women interested if it is possible to lift the breasts without surgery, the short answer is no, and in this article, we have discussed several methods that people can resort to in their attempt to get perky breasts. Physical exercises can tone your body, help you lose weight and remodel the appearance of your silhouette; however, they won’t provide spectacular results in lifting the breasts as the breasts have no muscles in their structure. The pectoral muscles are under the structures of the breasts and not affected by breast ptosis. Creams, serums, and massages are other methods that are advertised to help you get firmer breasts, but their results are superficial, most of the time only affecting the skin envelope of the breasts and not sustainable in time.

Plastic surgery offers the only viable solution for the correction of breast ptosis. The procedure is called the breast lift, and it involves the removal of excess skin and the re-centering of the mammary gland.


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