Is it possible to reduce breast size without surgery?

Is it possible to reduce breast size without surgery?

04th Aug 2019



Development of the breasts can take place through the life of a woman. Many women desire to have bigger breasts because it makes them look more feminine and aesthetically welcoming. But when the breasts become overly large, it can create physical pain, in addition to resulting in lower self-esteem for the patient. The breasts are made primarily of glandular tissue and fat. The fat makes the breasts look fuller and voluminous, whereas the glandular tissue produces milk.

Hormonal changes, genetics, and weight gain can result in overgrowth of the glandular tissue and fat in the breasts. As a result, the breasts may become overly large. The enlargement of the breasts can cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Many women with excessively large breasts want to get rid of the condition and the associated symptoms. Before considering surgical options, most women want to know if the breasts can be reduced without surgery. 


Can exercise help reduce the breasts?

Many women who want to decrease their breast size often start with exercise. However, the extent that exercise can effectively reduce your breast size depends on certain factors. The breasts can enlarge due to the overgrowth of the glandular tissue or the fat or both. Regular exercise may help decrease some of the fat in your breasts. However, it cannot introduce drastic changes to your breasts.

Exercise will not help if the primary cause of breast overdevelopment is the glandular tissue. No matter how much exercise you do, it will not result in decreased glandular tissue. Cardio and high-intensity exercises will only help reduce some portion of the fat in your breasts. If it turns out that your breasts have become overly large due to excess fat in the breasts, you may engage in strength training exercises that can impact the breasts and lessen the fat volume. 

For example, you can do pushups and do complete body workouts to decrease your breasts. The exercise should be regular and continue for many months. However, there is no guarantee that it will reduce your breast size. The fact is that the only practical, reliable, and quick way to decrease your breast size by getting breast reduction surgery.


What about diet?

Diet is the second option that many women opt for when their breasts become overly developed. Just like with exercise, diet may help to some extent, but only when the main reason for the overgrowth of your breasts is excess fat. There is no doubt that what you eat determines the volume of fat in your breasts. Eating fatty foods do result in the growth of excess fat in the breasts. As a result, your breasts may become enormous.

When diet and exercise are combined, it can help reduce breasts that have developed excess fat. Diet and exercise consume the fat, hence decreasing the size of the breasts. However, the outcomes will not be as effective and considerable as with breast reduction surgery. If you want to use diet as a way to reduce your breasts, then you should take a look at the calories you take. Do not eat more calories than required for your body. Foods like lean meat, vegetables, proteins, and fruits can help burn the fat in your breasts and other body areas. Make sure to avoid junk foods, processed foods, sweets, and other unhealthy foods.

But the reality is that using weight loss to decrease your breast size is not a wise decision. In case you are already thin and using weight loss to reduce your breast size, you may experience health problems. Furthermore, the impact of diet on your breasts will not be certain. If the breasts contain excess glandular tissue instead of fat, your food intake will not make a noticeable difference in your breasts.

Moreover, engaging in strenuous exercises and starving your body may result in saggy breasts over time. To correct the saggy breasts, you will be required to get the breast lift. 


Do pills and creams work?

When you look around for ways to reduce the breasts without surgery, you may come across many pills and creams that promise to reduce your breasts in a magical way. However, the reality is that these methods never work. The sellers of these pills are merely after your hard earned money. 

Breast reduction pills: The FDA does not approve the breast reduction pills available on the market. These pills are not safe and effective in reducing the breasts. Most of these pills contain caffeine and other composts. In other words, these pills are diet pills, and the manufacturers sell them as breast reduction pills thinking it will induce weight loss that may in turn reduce breast size. However, they have a poor record of safety and efficacy. These pills come with many side effects. For example, diet pills can trigger heart and respiratory problems. 

Breast reduction creams: Even though breast reduction creams do not entail much health risks, they do not decrease breast size effectively. They moisturize the breasts momentarily. The manufacturers of these creams make high claims about their efficacy; however, you should not trust them because these creams have been tested and found to be ineffective. They are also expensive. 

Herbal supplements: Many people have created a hype about the effectiveness of herbal supplements like ginger, green tea, and flaxseed in reducing overly large breasts. There is no evidence that these herbal supplements can reduce breast size. 


Surgery is the only practical way to treat overly developed breasts 

There is no doubt that breast reduction surgery is the only tested, proven, effective, and quick method to reduce the size of excessively large breasts. The FDA has approved breast reduction surgery, and it has an excellent record of delivering effective outcomes. 

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. It involves incisions on the breasts and removal of the excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue from the breasts. To get better outcomes with breast reduction surgery, you should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon having extensive experience in the procedure. The best thing about this surgery is that you can work with your plastic surgeon to decide the volume of fat and glandular tissue that needs to be removed from the breasts so that the physical and emotional pain that you are experiencing can be overcome. 

Physical discomforts like neck and back pain can be immediately removed or alleviated. After the surgery, your breasts will be swollen. The aesthetic improvements will become prominent when the swelling subsides after some weeks or months. 

During the surgery, you will not experience any pain or discomforts because it is carried out under general anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer you the anesthesia, after which you will be asleep. The plastic surgeon will then start the operation by making incisions on the breasts. The size and type of incisions depend on how large your breasts are and how much fat and tissue has to be removed. 

After making the incisions, the surgeon will remove the excess glandular tissue from the breasts through the incisions. Once the tissue is removed, your breast size will decrease. The doctor will also remove some portion of the fat in your breasts to further reduce your breast size. When the excess fat and tissue is removed from the breast, your breasts may become saggy due to the excess skin. To treat the saggy breasts, the surgeon will remove the excess skin from the breasts. He will then suture and close the incisions. 

Your recovery will start immediately after the surgery and will continue for many weeks. The results will not be entirely noticeable right after. Your breasts will be swollen, and it will take many weeks and even months for the swelling to disappear and the incisions to heal. The first two weeks are critical in terms of recovery. However, complete recovery will take six weeks. The patient must take care of the breasts and follow the surgeon’s instructions for a smooth recovery. When the results finally transpire, your breasts will appear suitably sized, and the physical pain will disappear or lessen considerably. 



The breasts are among the most critical areas of the female body. But when the breasts become excessively large, it can create physical and emotional pain for the patient. Many women resort to methods like exercises, diet, and pills to reduce breast size. The fact is that these methods have no record of effectively decreasing the breasts and alleviating the symptoms of large breasts. The only effective and reliable method to reduce the breasts is via breast reduction surgery. The procedure minimizes breast size by removing the excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin from the breasts. After the surgery, the breast size will decrease, and the physical and self-esteem problems associated with overly large breasts will be reduced or eliminated. 


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