Is it safe to have breast augmentation and mastopexy simultaneously?

Is it safe to have breast augmentation and mastopexy simultaneously?

22nd May 2017

Is it safe to have breast augmentation and mastopexy simultaneously?Breast augmentation and mastopexy are both surgical procedures that involve the breasts. Breast augmentation can be done by inserting an implant or making use of fat transfer to the breasts. A mastopexy or breast lift, on the other hand, remedies the drooping or sagging of breasts by removing some excess skin and fat from the area.

Combining both procedures is a possibility, depending on the body of the patient. It is important for surgeons to assess the breast to determine the possibility of a combined procedure. For some women, performing both procedures is possible. For others, it is more advisable to do it separately.

Performing both a breast augmentation and breast lift at the same time is a complex operation that requires a highly trained surgeon. If certified and experienced surgeons suggest you do it separately, follow their advice. The surgeon’s best interest is the patient’s safety, first and foremost.

For most surgeons, it is advisable to have the breast lift before augmentation. The lift removes loose skin to tighten the breasts, while augmentation expands the skin to provide more room for the implants. These two opposing procedures may not be good for the body even in its healthy state. Doctors also advise taking the surgeries in stages as it is possible for women to change their mind about augmentation. Once the sagging of the breast is corrected, some patients learn to appreciate the natural size of their breasts.

When the two surgeries are combined, patients will not be able to have large implants. Breasts have a tendency not to support additional volume if sagging has already occurred prior to surgery. Once the body fully heals from the breast lift, the patient can proceed with the augmentation surgery afterwards. Overall, this combination procedure will depend on the surgeon’s call based on the patient’s health and body goals.


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