Is it safe to inject hyaluronic acid in the buttocks?

Is it safe to inject hyaluronic acid in the buttocks?

09th Sep 2017

Although the use of butt implants and fat injections are considered safe, the safety of other synthetic products for buttock injections is still in question. Among the list of synthetic products is hyaluronic acid. There is no authority that regulates the substances that are used as buttock injections, which is why their exact components are not known for sure. Their safety is also still under study.

Buttock injections are mostly chosen because they are less invasive as compared to the traditional buttock augmentation that makes use of implants. The advantage is that there are no large scars that result from buttock injection procedure.

The safest substance that can be injected into the buttocks for augmentation is unquestionably the body’s own fat. This procedure is also known as the Brazilian butt lift procedure. In this surgery, liposuction is first done on other areas of the body where there are excess fats. The harvested fat is then purified and injected into the buttocks to create a better shape and contour.

Facial wrinkles and other imperfections can now be treated with injections of hyaluronic acid. With just small amounts, it can deliver moisturizing and volumizing effects to the face. Some proponents say that it can also be successfully used on the buttocks for augmentation, although its safety factor is still not known and proven.

Even if hyaluronic acid is safe, it is still a very expensive product. Large amounts would be needed in order to significantly augment the buttocks, making it extremely costly. Buttock augmentation already costs much and if you opt for hyaluronic acid injections, expect it to be a lot more expensive.

For patients who are concerned about the safety of hyaluronic acid as injection for the buttocks, it would be best to stay away from it. Don’t risk yourself and subject your body to the unknown. It would be best to wait for more studies that can indisputably attest to its safety. You are better off choosing other known, tested and approved methods to augment the buttocks.

Buttock implants are regulated products and have been used for many years by many people. There are mixed opinions about them but they are generally safe. If you prefer injections to augment your buttocks, then we recommend that you use your own fat. It comes from your own body so there is a guarantee that your body won’t reject it. It also results in a more natural augmentation as compared to using buttock implants. Any which way you choose, you are highly encouraged to make sure that you pick an experienced and board certified surgeon to perform your buttock augmentation procedure.

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