Is it safe to take vitamins after buttock augmentation?

Is it safe to take vitamins after buttock augmentation?

27th Feb 2018

Buttock augmentation is a complex plastic surgery that requires a certain level of preparation, and special attention is required during the post-operative stage. During consultation, the surgeon should make it a priority to tell the patient that certain medications such as birth control pills and anti-inflammatory pills, as well as natural supplements, are to be avoided at all costs for at least two weeks or more before the procedure. If the patient fails to follow, the surgeon should be informed immediately as the procedure’s date might be rescheduled to a later date.

When it comes to the post-operative stage, there are other indications to be followed. Many patients ask about the post-op behavior and what they should do to ensure a faster recovery period. A question that comes up often is if it is safe to take vitamins after buttock augmentation.

During the recovery period, the main concern for the patient should be pain management, wound healing, and avoiding constipation. There are certain supplements that can help the patient reduce the negative side effects of butt augmentation surgery. One of these supplements is Arnica Montana.

Vitamin C can be one of the vitamins recommended by the plastic surgeon to take after the butt implant surgery. Vitamin C helps promote healing, and it is a key ingredient in producing collagen which in turn contributes to the healing of the tissues injured during surgery. Specialists say that without a proper intake of vitamin C during the post-operative process, proper healing is not possible. Increasing the intake of vitamin C is especially recommended for patients who didn’t manage to quit smoking before the procedure.

Studies also show that vitamins of the B complex have certain benefits for the healing process. B complex accelerates wound healing and prevents excessive swelling.

Vitamin A can also be a good option as it can activate the production of conjunctive tissue and collagen and also helps the formation of new blood vessels that are necessary for the recovery of the tissues. It is also known that vitamin A can also increase the body’s resistance to infections by stimulating immunity.

When considering vitamins after the butt augmentation procedure, it is important to contact the plastic surgeon and discuss this issue with him. Depending on your particular characteristics and medical history, some vitamins might be indicated while others might be contraindicated. It is important not to take any kind of medication, even natural ones, before and after buttock surgery without the consent of the plastic surgeon.

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