Is it worth it to get a breast lift without implants?

Is it worth it to get a breast lift without implants?

12th Feb 2021

The breast lift is performed to help patients achieve breasts that are on an anatomically correct position on the chest wall and with a youthful appearance. The goal of the breast lift is only related to correcting breast sagginess, and it has no impact on the size of the breasts. In some cases when the breast sagginess is severe and the plastic surgeon needs to remove a considerable amount of excess skin, the breasts might look slightly smaller after the procedure. Also, changing the position of the breasts on the chest wall and concentrating the mammary gland could lead to an appearance of smaller breasts. However, it is important to understand that when the breast lift is performed, the plastic surgeon doesn’t reduce the volume of the mammary gland. The procedure only entails the re-centering of the mammary gland, but the volume is not affected. 

During the initial consultation for the breast lift, the plastic surgeon will assess the condition of the breast tissue and also measure their size and compare it to the rest of your anatomy. Factors such as weight and height will also be taken into consideration when making the recommendation for the operative plan. If the patient has breasts that are too small compared to her anatomy, the plastic surgeon might recommend implants with the breast lift. At the same time, there are patients who are looking for a breast augmentation surgery and the plastic surgeon discovers a certain level of breast ptosis that demands the use of breast lift techniques before inserting implants.

The breast lift is often performed together with breast implants as it delivers a superior result. When using implants, we can correct not only the size of the breasts, but also their shape. A breast lift alone won’t be able to give you the shape of the breasts that you want as the plastic surgeon only reduces the excess skin of the breasts.

Many patients are asking whether it is worth it to get a breast lift without implants. It is essential to understand that implants are not mandatory when the breast lift is performed, and some patients don’t need the extra volume. If the patient is satisfied with the volume of the breasts and their shape, there is no need to get implants. A breast lift alone will deliver the desired results, and the patient will enjoy youthful, perky breasts having the same volume as before.

Using implants for mastopexy is a question of the size of the breasts before the procedure and not something that invalidates the need for a mastopexy. The breast lift elevates the breasts on the chest wall and makes them perkier, and this is the goal of the procedure and the reason why it is totally worth having it, even without getting implants. 

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