Is malposition of the breast implant visible?

Is malposition of the breast implant visible?

27th Jun 2017

Breast augmentation with the use of an implant is a common plastic surgery procedure. Through this surgery, selected implants will be inserted and positioned in the breasts. For most patients, the implants settle into their designated place after a few weeks of recovery. There are cases, however, of patients whose implants become malpositioned.

When a breast implant is malpositioned, this means that the implant settles into the wrong position. The malposition can create different results – some of which can be very obvious. In some cases, the malposition may not be obvious or visible, which is why patients don’t immediately realize that their breast implants are malpositioned.

There are different malpositions among breast implants. It is best to notice the malposition as early as possible in order for it to be corrected before it creates more unfavorable results. Some of the malpositions include breast implants riding high, bottoming out, lateral displacement and symmastia.

Breast implants are “riding high” when they appear to be higher or are pushed upwards. This can happen to one or both implants. This looks and feels unnatural and is quite obvious. On the other hand, bottoming out is when the implants are lower in position than the pockets that were created for them. This can also make the breasts appear deformed. This can happen to one or both breast implants.

It is possible for lateral displacement of the implants, pointing them towards the armpit. When this happens, the implants move horizontally towards each side, resulting in a larger space between the two breasts. It makes it seem as if the breasts are very far apart from each other. Symmastia is when the breast implants move towards each other. It is possible that they move so close together that the skin between them is lifted. It produces a uni-boob that is not pleasing to see.

In order to correct the malposition of the breast implants, revision surgery can be done. Patients who suspect that they have malposition should immediately go to their surgeons for confirmation. It is only through corrective surgery that the malposition of the breast implants can be fixed. The surgeons will surgically alter the pockets in order to put the implants in their proper place.

In some cases, the previously existing pockets cannot be used or repurposed. In this event, making a new implant pocket is the only solution. The revision surgery will depend on the case of the patient and her aim in order to position the implants properly. Patients who need revision surgery can go back to their previous surgeons who did the original breast augmentation, but finding other surgeons to remedy the breast augmentation is not out of the question.


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