Is pain excruciating after buttock augmentation?

Is pain excruciating after buttock augmentation?

21st May 2018

Buttock augmentation procedures help men and women improve their buttocks. However, just like any surgery, pain is expected to be experienced after the procedure. For patience with low tolerance for pain, they described the pain as excruciating or unbearable. Although women have a lower pain tolerance than men, many women still go through buttock augmentation because they feel that the results they get in the end are all worth the pain.

In the fat transfer procedure, pain may be felt mostly in the areas where the fat cells were harvested rather than in the buttocks. On the other hand, those who go through a buttock implant surgery would feel the pain in their buttocks. Many say that of all the plastic surgeries, the use of implants on the buttocks may be the most painful of all. Thus, surgeons will prescribe pain medications to manage the pain during the recovery period.

Aside from the pain, , there are other discomfort that should be expected after the surgery such as not being able to sit down, sleeping on one’s tummy and avoiding physical activities that may strain or put pressure on the buttocks. For some, the pain coupled with the discomfort that one experiences after the surgery make them think that buttock augmentation surgeries cause excruciating pain when in reality, they are just overwhelmed by the pain, discomfort and inconvenience all happening at the same time.

Buttock Augmentation

Plastic surgeries that deal with making the buttocks bigger, rounder and curvier are known as buttock augmentation surgeries. They are usually done by either injecting fat on the buttocks or by inserting butt implants on each butt cheek. Both procedures will require patients to undergo anesthesia, either local or general, depending on the procedure to be performed. After the procedure, it is normal to feel pain in the areas worked on because of the incision and the alteration made. . The degree of pain highly depends on the threshold of pain of the patient.

The pain tolerance or threshold varies from one person to another. This is why the pain experienced by patients who went through the same procedure is different among patients. Generally, women have lower threshold of pain as compared to men. Since most of the patient who go through buttock augmentation are women, the pain is usually described as excruciating or unbearable. Nevertheless, there are still many women who handle the pain very well after the surgery.

It is normal to feel the pain after the surgery because the buttocks were altered. Surgeons will prescribe pain relievers after the surgery to manage the pain. It is important to take these pain medications and strictly follow the schedule prescribed by the surgeon to lessen the pain and discomfort and to ensure faster healing. Despite the pain, many women say that the pain they felt was all worth the result that they achieved after they have completely healed.

Pain After Fat Transfer To The Buttocks

Fat transfer to the buttocks or the Brazilian butt lift procedure is a less invasive surgical procedure that involves harvesting the fat from various areas of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. Although small incisions are only used, pain can still be felt especially in the areas where the liposuction was done. Swelling that naturally occurs after the procedure can also cause pain. Although there are patients who reported severe pain, most of those who went through this kind of procedure only felt soreness on the affected area. This discomfort typically lasts for about 48 hours before it subsides.

Pain After Buttock Implant Surgery

Buttock implant surgery may be one of the most painful plastic surgeries today. In this procedure, implants made out of solid silicone are inserted into the buttocks. Most of the patients will have their implants placed inside the muscles, which causes it to stretch. It is the stretching and the pressure on the muscle that can cause pain and discomfort after the surgery. For some, this kind of pain is unbearable but there are others who were able to deal with the pain through the help of pain medication.

Other Things To Expect After Buttock Augmentation Surgery

In addition to the pain, those who undergo the buttock augmentation procedures are expected to avoid making use of their buttocks or putting pressure on them. Sitting down is to be avoided and sleeping should be done by lying on the tummy. It is also important to avoid activities that could put a lot of pressure or strain on the buttocks. The discomfort the patients feel after the surgery is not only caused by the presence of implants or additional fat in their buttocks, but is also caused by the restriction in their movement during the healing period.

It is important that the patients understand that the recovery period is just temporary. Although the pain and discomfort may last for months they have to focus on the results they will be getting. If potential patients think that they would not be able to handle the pain and discomfort after the surgery, then it would be best not to go through the buttock augmentation procedure at all.


Buttock augmentation surgeries are known to help those who wish to improve their buttocks. It is expected that pain would be felt after the surgery because of the incision and alteration done. The degree of pain felt by the patient depends on the threshold of pain of the patient.

Both the fat transfer procedure and the buttock implant procedure can cause pain and discomfort after they are performed. But the use of implants is considered one of the most painful plastic surgeries. Some may describe it as excruciating or unbearable not only because of the pain itself but also because of the discomfort it brings due to the restriction in movement and not being able to do their regular activities.

Those who wish to undergo the buttock augmentation surgery should prepare themselves not only for the pain but for other discomfort and inconvenience like not being able to sit, sleeping on their tummy and not being able to do normal activities that put pressure the buttocks.

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