Is perfect symmetry possible after breast augmentation?

Is perfect symmetry possible after breast augmentation?

24th Mar 2019


When it comes to the appearance of the breasts, many women are confronted with slight asymmetries that can occur during the natural development of the mammary gland or after breastfeeding preponderantly from one breast. The reality is that the breasts are not in perfect symmetry with the other, even for women who seem to have the perfect breasts. Different asymmetries are normal and they can be associated with either the size, shape or position on the chest of the breasts.

Many women interested in undergoing breast augmentation also want to correct a potential asymmetry. So is perfect symmetry possible after breast augmentation?

If we are taking into consideration breast implants, you should know that the plastic surgeon can even use implants of different volumes to correct a size asymmetry. Moreover, saline solution implants can be used and can be filled with a different volume of solution to balance the breasts and make them more harmonious. In some cases, even using implants of the same size can make the breasts look more alike and correct slight asymmetries.

When it comes to shape asymmetries that are present on breasts of a good size, patients can resort to lipofilling to correct them. When breast lipofilling is performed, the plastic surgeon will extract fat from areas where it is in excess, process it and then reinject it into the breasts to correct shape asymmetries and give the breasts a rounder, fuller appearance.

In some cases where more complex asymmetries are present, the plastic surgeon might even recommend using implants in combination with lipofilling. When these procedures are combined, the plastic surgeon will increase the size of the breasts by inserting implants and correct the shape and make the implants less visible by transferring fat from other areas of the body.

As you can see, there are plenty of solutions for patients confronted with asymmetries and who want to have them corrected with a breast augmentation. However, it is also important that asymmetries aren’t always successfully corrected with breast augmentation, so make sure to discuss your particularities with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation.

Moreover, it is essential for patients to understand that perfect symmetry is not possible and shouldn’t be an expectation from plastic surgery. The plastic surgeon works with the patient’s anatomy and miracles are not possible. The results of breast augmentation are not only dependent on the skills of the plastic surgeon, but also the healing process and how the cicatrization process goes. What you should keep in mind is that breasts are made to be sisters, not twins, and this is a satisfactory result that can be achieved with the help of breast augmentation. A good result would be having breasts that look the same, even if a slight asymmetry might be noticed when measurements are performed.


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