Is plastic surgery expensive?

Is plastic surgery expensive?

01st May 2019

Is plastic surgery expensive?


When considering undergoing plastic surgery, the cost is a factor that everybody takes into consideration, whatever their financial status might be. Plastic surgery nowadays can be in the range of a few hundred dollars to tens of hundreds of dollars, depending on the procedure, the plastic surgeon chosen, and other factors.

Generally speaking, nowadays plastic surgery is more affordable than ever. Ten years ago, plastic surgery was only for people with considerable wealth as everything was more expensive, and not only the plastic surgeons’ fees. Now there is a wide range of procedures to choose from, different materials that could be used, and different plastic surgeons to perform it.

Keep in mind that when performed by an experienced, talented and board-certified plastic surgeon, the procedure might seem more expensive, but this is not necessarily the reality. When choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, even if it might seem that you are paying more, what you actually do is save money in the long run. It is important to understand that is some cases if complications occur after the initial surgery or the results are unsatisfactory, additional procedures might be necessary. This means that you will have to pay for another procedure if the first one doesn’t deliver the expected results or you are confronted with complications. This is why it is a good idea to choose an experienced plastic surgeon to guide you through the process of getting an improved body image with the help of plastic surgery. He will make recommendations to reduce the incidence of complications. There are also bigger chances of getting the desired results.

When it comes to the cost of plastic surgery, you should know what is included in the cost estimate to be able to decide whether it is expensive or affordable. Generally speaking, on the cost estimate the plastic surgeon will put the hospitalization cost, anesthesia cost, cost of implants or other materials (if needed), and the fee of the plastic surgeon. This means that the cost of the operation is also dependent on the cost of the additional materials used. In other words, if you choose good quality breast implants for example, your procedure will be more expensive than one where poor quality implants are used.

The fee of the plastic surgeon is dependent on his experience but also the procedures to be performed. For example, when performing a procedure that includes fat transfer, some plastic surgeons estimate just one area of liposuction to be performed on, even if this is not enough to get all the fat needed for the grafting. Another surgeon might have a higher fee for the same procedure but include two or even three areas of liposuction in the cost. To be able to evaluate the cost of your plastic surgery, make sure to understand all the factors that come into play here.


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