Is plastic surgery preventive or curative?

Is plastic surgery preventive or curative?

25th Jul 2019

Is plastic surgery preventive or curative?


The modern-day development of plastic surgery has made it more available and affordable for people coming from different socioeconomic backgrounds and has allowed many patients to improve the quality of their lives after resorting to plastic surgery. But is plastic surgery a preventive or curative method that we can use?

Plastic surgery can be used to correct different imperfections of the body, and because of this it can be considered a curative method. By undergoing plastic surgery, the patient gets a more aesthetic appearance or features that are more proportionate to the rest of the anatomy or has removed different imperfections. Procedures such as breast reduction performed on women with overly large breasts can also improve the health condition of the patient and improve functionality and mobility. Each procedure is performed with a different purpose in mind and in some cases, procedures can also be performed in combination to achieve a superior result. 

For example, the tummy tuck is performed to strengthen the loose muscles of the abdominal wall, correct umbilical hernia, and eliminate skin sagginess on the inferior part of the tummy. But when the tummy tuck is combined with liposuction of the abdominal wall and the flanks with fat transfer to the hips, the procedure is called the hourglass tummy tuck and helps the patient achieve the beautiful hourglass figure that is so sought after nowadays.

In terms of using plastic surgery for a preventive purpose, this is often about delaying the signs of aging. Most people are not fully aware of the fact that the aging process doesn’t affect just the face but all over the body. In other words, even if your face is without wrinkles, you can have signs of aging somewhere else on your body such as skin sagginess and an excess of adipose tissue in the midline, among others. Plastic surgery methods such as liposuction, fat transfer to different areas, and even lifts or augmentations can be performed with the aim to rejuvenate the appearance of the body and delay the occurrence of the signs of aging or eliminate them. 

When using plastic surgery for preventive purposes, make sure to get a talented, experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your procedure. A responsible plastic surgeon will tell you all about delaying the aging process by using plastic surgery, but he will also advise you that there is no stopping time. In other words, the effects of time passing will be visible at some point, even if much later on in life for patients undergoing plastic surgery compared to patients who had not gone through them. The results of the procedure will be easily sustainable if you follow the recommendations of the surgeon.


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