Is the breast lift a painful procedure?

Is the breast lift a painful procedure?

22nd Jul 2019


When considering plastic surgery to enhance the body, there are some aspects to consider that never come to mind when it comes to procedures performed for curative purposes and not aesthetic ones. For example, a patient would rarely be concerned about the level of pain associated with heart surgery as the procedure is meant to improve the health condition of the patient, and pain is just a side effect to be dealt with when the time comes. But plastic surgery is different. Plastic surgery is often performed for aesthetic purposes only, so all side effects of the procedure, including the level of pain, are taken into consideration before making the decision to go forward. This is normal and natural, and all patients should consider all aspects of the procedure before scheduling their surgery.

The question about how painful the breast lift is often heard by plastic surgeons from over the world during the pre-operative consultation. Some patients believe that the plastic surgeon will cut a part of the breasts and hence associate the procedure with quite some level of pain. But this is not what happens in reality. When the breast lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will make one or up to three incisions on each breast that is used to detach the skin tissue from the mammary gland that is saggy. The mammary gland is re-centered and elevated to a normal anatomical position, and the skin is re-draped on the breasts. The surplus of skin that was causing the sagginess is excised and the incisions are sutured. As you can see, the plastic surgeon doesn’t really cut a portion of the breasts, and it is just the skin tissue that will be eliminated if in excess. This often translates into a low level of pain after the procedure.

Generally speaking, the procedures that involve sectioning the muscles, such as breast augmentations or butt augmentations, are associated with more pain than procedures that only deal with excess skin. In other words, the breast lift is not what most patients define as a painful procedure.

Moreover, you should also know that if the surgery is generally performed with the patient under a general anesthetic, this means that no discomfort will be felt during the operation. Afterwards, the patient will receive pain medication to alleviate the pain and discomfort and also a list with post-operative recommendations. Keep in mind that following the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter can significantly reduce the risk of experiencing pain after the breast lift.

Avoid lying on the tummy and other factors that can contribute to developing an infection or the opening of the incisions as this is when it can get more painful. Otherwise, the breast lift is not associated with a great deal of pain, and simple analgesic medication can help you get over the recovery period. 

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