Is there a risk of butt implant rupture or leak?

Is there a risk of butt implant rupture or leak?

17th Feb 2018

Butt augmentation with silicone implants is preferred by many patients as it provides spectacular results and a considerable increase in the size of the buttocks.

The medical indication for butt implant surgery is given by the plastic surgeon during the initial consultation and after a thorough examination of the buttocks and a discussion about the desires of the patient. In most cases, butt implant surgery is recommended for patients who either don’t have enough excess fat in their bodies to undergo fat transfer, or desire a more considerable improvement in the size of the buttocks compared to what the fat transfer can provide.

When the procedure is performed, the plastic surgeon will recommend a certain size, shape, and type of gluteal implant to be used. Choosing the right type of implant is important for the success of the procedure and also to minimize the risks of developing complications. The patient should always rely on the plastic surgeon’s recommendation when it comes to the type of implants to be used for butt augmentation.

A question that comes up often during the initial consultation is whether there is a risk of the butt implants rupturing or leaking. Some patients fear that falling on the buttocks, for example, can cause the implant to rupture or the silicone to start leaking.

Gluteal implants are safe medical devices that are made for permanent use. This means they are more durable and resistant than breast implants and there is often no need to remove or replace. There is no risk of butt implants to rupture or leak because their structure is very different from breast implants.

If you have ever seen a breast implant, then you know it is made out of a silicone shell or capsule that is filled with silicone gel or will be filled with saline solution. When it comes to gluteal implants, they are also made out of silicone, but they are much thicker and in one piece. Gluteal implants are not made of a capsule and a filling solution; just one piece of silicone of a different consistency compared to breast implants.

Many tests have been performed, and falling or usual trauma to the buttocks in won’t cause the implant to rupture, and leaking is impossible.

If you are considering butt implants to add more volume or projection to your backside, you should know that butt implants are completely safe and also much more durable and resistant than breast implants. Butt implants don’t rupture or leak, so there is nothing to be worried about.

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