Boost of confidence with the Hourglass mommy makeover

Boost of confidence with the Hourglass mommy makeover

27th Jan 2017

Jessica is a 26-year old full time mom and a recruiter. She started researching plastic surgery in the middle of her divorce, when her self-confidence was low and she was in need of a boost of self-esteem. She decided it was about time to go see Dr. Hourglass after realizing that she never really loved her body, she really wanted to be different, more like an Instagram model or with Kim Kardashian’s voluptuous curves. Dr. Hourglass noticed the changes that occurred in her body after pregnancy and how they changed it. Jessica was not happy with the skin sagginess on her tummy or the lack of volume of her breasts.

A few months after undergoing the Hourglass Mommy makeover customized to fit her needs (an hourglass tummy tuck and a breast augmentation), Jessica couldn’t be happier and she now radiates joy and confidence. She had a very smooth recovery period after undergoing the surgery, mostly because she was the ideal patient, following all the rules and recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter.

Now she loves her new body shape, but especially her breasts that look really natural and fun to play with, according to her declaration! Jessica also mentioned how she realized that her previous marriage failed because of her lack of confidence as it led to intimacy issues. She talks about how relationships were never good until after getting plastic surgery. “I love to have sex now” says the sexy mother with curves worth having her own reality show! Jessica also talks about other changes she observed after getting an improved appearance with the help of plastic surgery and how it is good to have confidence in life as people respect her more. The changes achieved with the Hourglass Mommy Makeover are not only visible on the body for Jessica, but her mind frame too since she is completely different now.

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