Small, small waist and great curves after considerable weight loss

Small, small waist and great curves after considerable weight loss

27th Jan 2017

She found Dr. Cortes on Instagram and decided he was the one to help her get the body of her dreams. Kiera, 22 years old, lost a lot of weight before contacting the practice. She is a young woman very committed to her health and her body and dedicated to do only the right thing when it comes to them.

When she started losing weight, Kiera was very excited to finally see her body taking shape after her efforts. This motivated her to work harder to lose the excess weight, but after more than 100 pounds came off, she realized she needs help to properly contour her body.

After losing a considerable amount of weight, it is difficult for patients to enjoy their new body as they are confronted with an excess of saggy skin. What happens is that weight comes off, but the skin that was stretched will remain in the area. The only method that we can use to get rid of saggy, surplus skin is with surgery.

The first three weeks after undergoing the hourglass tummy tuck combined with a back lift, Kiera was concerned about the swelling that didn’t seem to subside. Dr. Hourglass advised her to give it more time, so a month after the procedure was the moment when Kiera started to feel good about her decision to undergo surgery. Most of the side effects have subsided and she could fit into clothes that were much too small before. But the final results were still to develop so Kiera was astonished to notice how for another two months her waist kept getting smaller and smaller as the swelling completely disappeared.

One year after, Kiera checked in with the surgeon who made her dream come true to talk about how happy she is with the results and that her body now makes her even more aware of how important it is to look after yourself and be nice to your body.

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