Knowing your reasons for undergoing butt augmentation

Knowing your reasons for undergoing butt augmentation

10th Nov 2019


Butt augmentation performed by a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon is a safe and efficient method that can be used to get the buttocks of your dreams. Buttock augmentation can be performed either with the use of gluteal implants or fat cells harvested from other areas of the body and purified. 

Just like any other surgery performed on an elective basis, patients resorting to this procedure should have a clear and firm motivation before undergoing the procedure and also a strong medical indication given by the plastic surgeon. Knowing your reasons for undergoing butt augmentation is an important thing to sort out before scheduling your procedure. Being sure about your decision will help you better prepare and reduce the pre-operative anxiety and postoperative stress. 

Different patients undergo the procedure with different motivations in mind. However, the main goal is a bigger, larger and more appealing butt. Some patients want to undergo this procedure because they have suffered from butt trauma in the past that has left them with buttock asymmetries or other imperfections that can only be corrected with the help of plastic surgery. Congenital asymmetries and flaws can also be corrected using fat transfer or gluteal implants. 

Other patients consider their buttocks too small compared to the rest of their anatomy and want to undergo the procedure to get a more harmonious body and proportions. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will ask about your reasons for undergoing surgery and also perform exact and extensive measurements on your body. Afterwards, he will be able to tell you what type of butt augmentation procedure is recommended for your particular case and if your reasons are strong enough to make you an eligible candidate for the surgery. 

Being firm in your decision and having a strong motivation is important, and some plastic surgeons might even decline your candidacy if they believe your reasons are not valid. Generally speaking, the recommendation is not to undergo such a complex and major plastic surgery if the emotional or physical discomforts associated with small buttocks are not having a negative effect on your day to day life. The benefits of the procedure and the expected improvement in the quality of life should outweigh the side effects and potential consequences associated with the procedure.

Keep in mind that butt augmentation surgery has certain risks and complications, just like any other surgical procedure. Having serious reasons behind your demand will make the decision-making process easier for you and will also solidify your candidacy for the procedure.

Depending on your reasons for undergoing butt augmentation surgery, the plastic surgeon might recommend one procedure or method over the other.



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