Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

15th Apr 2014

When this time of year rolls around, we’ll start thinking about summer once again! Shorts, skirts, dresses, bikinis, all that skin that will be shown! One of the most dreaded things that most women gave you do when wearing those things is shaving or waxing!

Shaving can pretty much be explained in one word – annoying! Taking the time to meticulously glide the razor over your leg carefully, then making sure every little hair is abolished – only to have it all grow back in a few days!

Then there’s waxing – sticky, messy and difficult to do by you! This makes the process a little easier because the results last weeks instead of days, but it still must be redone at least twice during summer. The solution: Laser Hair Removal!

Many women opt for this procedure because it removes the hair and damages the follicle, leading to being able to say ‘buh-away with the waxes and look into lasers! E!’ to razors and wax, this means no hair removal all summer! Just enjoying the heat! But one of the most common questions asked about laser hair removal is whether it is a permanent solution or not.

While getting your laser treatments over a few weeks, you will notice less and less body hair every time. The follicle is damaged, leaving nothing for the hair to grow in. Although this may sound permanent, the body is an amazing thing and that heals quickly, you hair will grow back, but it will take a good 2 years! Just think about all the missed shaving in between, just being able to run out in your shorts without thinking about it!

Laser hair removal is not completely permanent, but can change your body, for the better by making life simpler! So toss the razors, do WA

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