Laser Hair Removal vs. The Razor

Laser Hair Removal vs. The Razor

29th Dec 2014

Woman with beautiful legsAt Rejuvenaesthetics, one of the questions we’re frequently is how laser hair removal beats the conventional razor. There isn’t a woman (or man for that matter) on the face of the Earth who doesn’t have certain areas of body hair they’d like to banish…ideally for life. And while the razor may seem the obvious, easy, and affordable way to go, there are many more arguments for considering a cutting-edge laser hair removal procedure.

There has been much debate as to the potentially damaging effects of laser treatments on the skin, but none apply to the modern approach. The process is so meticulously controlled and targeted that it has become one of the safest cosmetic treatments currently on the market and yields few if any side effects. When compared to the damage inflicted on the skin by scraping a razor blade over its surface day in and day out, there really is no comparison.

As for convenience, we’re aware that it’s much easier to just grab a razor in the shower than to organize a few visits to our office. With laser hair removal, it’s perfectly possible to build a lifelong lasting effect with just a few simple treatments. Once complete, it’s goodbye unwanted hair and goodbye razors for life – how’s that for convenience?

And finally, on that all-important subject of price, laser hair removal may cost you more than a cheap razor, but add up the costs of the razors, shaving foams, and post-shave balms over the course of a lifetime and you’ll be looking at a sizeable outlay. And that’s not even considering the time you spend shaving. By contrast, pay the upfront cost of a course of laser hair removal and you’ll never have to pay another penny to get rid of that unwanted hair again.

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