Latest trends in plastic surgery

Latest trends in plastic surgery

15th Mar 2021

There are multiple reasons why people choose to resort to plastic surgery nowadays. Among the most common reasons are wanting to look younger, eliminating the signs of pregnancy or aging from the body, augmenting features that are underdeveloped and correcting aesthetic imperfections. 

Different patients will have different reasons for undergoing plastic surgery and also different goals. However, there are certain procedures more in demand and requested than others which leads us towards the latest trends in plastic surgery.

Among the most desired procedures, this year are the ones associated with lipofilling. There are different variations of the intervention and can be performed in association with practically any other plastic surgery procedure to enhance the results and refine the aspect of the body.

One of the latest trends in plastic surgery is getting an hourglass body. Nowadays this is possible with the help of plastic surgery and the lipofilling procedures we just mentioned. So, what happens when these procedures are performed? In short, we are talking about a redistribution of fat. The plastic surgeon will eliminate fat from areas where it is in excess, process and purify it and reinject it into areas that could use some more volume. The donor areas from where the fat is extracted are usually the abdominal wall and the flanks, but other areas can be treated too such as the thighs, the back, among others. The surgeon will choose the area or areas with the most quantity of fat to ensure he gets enough for the transfer to the area that needs more volume. This means that usually areas such as the chin or knees are not addressed during lipofilling interventions. After extraction, the fat is purified as it goes through a centrifugation process. This way we eliminate the blood and other impurities that might have resulted after lipo and collect just the healthy and pure fat cells to use for the reinjection. 

Fat transfer can be performed at the level of different parts of the body, but most commonly we are talking about the butts and hips. Breasts can also be addressed with the fat grafting. However, the results are not as spectacular as when using breast implants.

The fat transfer procedures are associated with minimal risks and complications and the results achieved are 100% natural as they only use the patient’s own fat. This is probably the reason they are more in more popular and in demand. The Brazilian butt lift is one of these procedures, and its popularity has been increasing with each year. 

To ensure good results after these interventions, it is essential for the patient to be able to keep a stable weight. In other words, the results of the fat transfer procedure can be severely impacted if the patient undergoes weight fluctuations after the procedure is performed. This is the reason why the plastic surgeon will insist the patient has a normal weight that has been stable for at least six to eight months before undergoing the procedure.

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