Lifting your toddler after breast augmentation surgery

Lifting your toddler after breast augmentation surgery

01st Apr 2021

Breast augmentation surgery is the dream procedure for many women with small breasts. The lack of proper development of the breasts can lead to emotional complexes. Women confronted with this issue can feel like they are not feminine or sexy enough. Some could even struggle with self-esteem issues related to the size of their breasts.

Undergoing breast augmentation can put an end to the emotional discomforts associated with small breasts. Women who have the procedure feel better in their skin and are more willing to engage socially and professionally after getting the breasts of their dreams. 

The procedure is performed with the patient under general anesthesia. In a vast majority of cases, the procedure can last up to 2 hours and the recovery period is no longer than two weeks. While the recovery period is not overly long considering the complexity of the procedure, patients should know that their behavior during the recovery period can make all the difference in terms of the results.

There are a few very strict recommendations that patients need to follow after getting bigger breasts with the help of plastic surgery. Among them are wearing the special post-op bra for a minimum of three weeks non-stop, not sleeping or resting on the tummy for the same amount of time, and not smoking. Not following these recommendations can trigger severe complications that could alter the results and put the wellbeing of the patient in jeopardy. Aside from these instructions, your plastic surgeon will also tell you to avoid lifting anything heavy for the first weeks following the procedure. What does this mean?

Carrying or lifting grocery bags should be avoided after breast augmentation surgery. This includes not lifting your toddler for a minimum of two to four weeks. Some patients find this inconceivable and don’t understand what the reasons behind a surgeon’s recommendation to avoid lifting your own children in your arms are. But things are very simple: when lifting something heavy in your arms, you put tremendous pressure both on the incisions and on your pectoral muscles. If you had implants inserted in a dual plane or on a submuscular plane, this could result in the shifting or moving of the implants. Also, the incisions can rupture due to the pressure, and this can favorize the occurrence of infections and delayed wound healing. When it comes to incisions in such a delicate area as the breasts, the recommendation is to avoid the opening of the surgical wounds at all costs as this can lead to unaesthetic looking scars. 

Breast augmentation is often performed on young mothers who might find it difficult not to lift their children in their arms for such a long time. What can be done in this case is to always sit down before getting your children. Avoid the lifting movement and hold them in your arms while sitting down instead.

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