Limitations of breast augmentation

Limitations of breast augmentation

29th Sep 2017

In order to improve the appearance of the breasts, many women opt to undergo a breast augmentation surgery. It is a popular and very common plastic surgery that women want to go through to improve the shape and silhouette of their body. This is done by inserting implants into the breasts to produce more protrusion and increase the size. The implants come in either saline-filled or silicone-filled ones. They are also available in various sizes, shapes, and degrees of the protrusion.

When a patient wants to augment their breast, surgeons don’t just place any implants on them to make them look bigger. It is important to consider the frame of the patient’s body to determine what implants should be used to give them a more flattering figure. The breast augmentation procedure is capable of making the breasts look bigger, but the implants that are to be used should be carefully chosen to make sure it looks flattering.

Patients who wish to undergo breast augmentation surgery should remember there is no guarantee they would achieve the specific size of breast they want. The size of the implants that would be used would still depend on the frame of the body. There is a limit to how much the frame of the body can handle. If the patient insists on a bigger size, the surgeons can still follow the patient’s request. However, there is a risk that a larger breast may result in complications.

Different people heal differently, which is why the scars that form as well as the results of the procedure may be unpredictable. The body can react differently as compared to other people, which is why it is difficult and not advisable to compare. Some patients can develop keloidal scars while others only develop smaller and less obvious ones. The elasticity of the patient’s skin also differs, which is why different results can also be observed.

Due to how the body heals, there is also no guarantee the resulting breast would be perfectly symmetrical. There is a chance there would be asymmetry of the breasts but most of the time, the asymmetry is not as obvious. It is also possible that one breast takes longer to settle into their proper position and can be mistaken for asymmetry.

The complications that may develop during the recovery procedure can also affect the results of the breast augmentation surgery. Patients should prepare and make sure they immediately notice any that develop to lessen its negative impact. The complications that develop are unpredictable, and patients should make sure they are ready for them.

Patients who decide to go through the breast augmentation procedure should have realistic expectations about it. They should also be well informed about the limitations of the surgical procedure to be ready for the results. With proper information, patients are more likely to be satisfied with the positive results they achieve. This helps them appreciate and love their body even more.

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