Limitations of buttock augmentation

Limitations of buttock augmentation

22nd Feb 2018

Some years back, only celebrities used to undergo the buttock augmentation surgery. But today, the intervention has gone mainstream, with tens of thousands of women getting the surgery in the US alone each year. The goal of the butt augmentation surgery is to make your backside bigger, fuller, and shapelier. If your butts are smaller, flatter, or poorly contoured, you may consider buttock augmentation.

While the butt augmentation surgery adds projection, volume, and shape to the butts, it entails certain limitations. If you are considering the buttock augmentation surgery, you must be aware of the boundaries of the intervention. Also, your aesthetic goals and expectations need to be realistic and reasonable for you to be satisfied with the results.

The buttock augmentation surgery

It is essential for you to understand the buttock augmentation surgery so that you can know the limitations of the procedure. As stated above, the goal of butt augmentation is to make the buttocks fuller, more prominent, and projected. The procedure enhances your butts, which can, in turn, improve your overall body outline and body definition. After the procedure, you will appear feminine, fertile, and physically attractive.

There are two options for buttock augmentation: butt implants surgery and fat transfer to the butts. The butt implants surgery’s primary goal is to make the buttocks bigger. The procedure involves the placement of prosthetic objects called butt implants inside the derriere. The implants are made of semi-solid, rubber-like silicone material.

On the other hand, the fat transfer to the buttocks is used to make the backside shapelier. It can also add some projection to the butts. Also known as the Brazilian butt lift, the procedure involves the use of your body fat to deliver you the desired outcomes. The excess fat from different areas of the body is removed via liposuction and then injected into the buttocks.

The limitations of butt augmentation surgery

Even though the buttock augmentation surgery’s results are permanent and useful, many factors can still affect the final results and their sustainability. Many limitations are common to the fat transfer and butt implants procedure, and some restrictions are unique to each procedure. So, here we go with the boundaries of the buttock augmentation surgery:

It can’t treat severely saggy butts

Many patients have saggy buttocks, and they desire to have bigger as well as firmer backsides. While the buttock augmentation surgery can treat mild to moderate sagginess in the butts, it cannot address severely saggy butts. In fact, when butt implants are used to treat the severely saggy backsides, the butt will become worse regarding sagging and overall shape.

If your butts are mildly saggy and you desire to have fuller and firmer butts, you may consider the buttock augmentation surgery; specifically, the butt implants surgery. However, it is essential to avoid using large butt implants to treat the mildly saggy butts because the extra size and weight of the implant can make the butts severely saggy after the surgery.

Butt implants can’t treat some forms of butt asymmetry

While the buttock implants surgery can effectively treat certain asymmetry in the buttocks, it cannot treat certain types of buttock asymmetry. For example, the procedure can treat the buttock size and projection related asymmetry effectively; however, it cannot treat shape-based butt asymmetry. On the other hand, the fat transfer to the buttocks can effectively treat shape pertaining butt asymmetry, instead of size-related butt asymmetry.

Buttock augmentation cannot transform you into someone else

Even though the buttock augmentation surgery can enhance your buttocks and improve your overall appearance, it cannot transform you into another person or a celebrity. The surgery improves your own body. In other words, it makes you an improved version of you, but it does not change you into someone else. If you want to look like a celebrity or become a celebrity after the surgery, your goal is unrealistic.

You need to have realistic and reasonable goals and expectations to be a good candidate for the butt augmentation procedure. Also, you should not expect the intervention to deliver you the same results as your friend who underwent butt augmentation. The procedure is often customized to each person’s specific aesthetic flaws in the butts and the aesthetic goals.

Also, the procedure is conducted within the existing anatomy of the patient. Each person has a unique anatomy and body outline, which means they will get different results after the surgery. However, what is common between them is that their butts will appear more prominent, projected, fuller, and shapelier after the procedure.

Weight loss can affect the results of BBL

The results of the BBL are sustainable; however, weight loss after the surgery can affect the results. The procedure involves the use of your body fat to enhance your backside. Once injected into the butts, the fat grafts act just like the fat in any other areas of the body. It means it will react to weight changes in the same way as the fat in other parts of the body. When you experience considerable weight loss after the BBL, the fat cells in your backside will shrink. It will, in turn, cause your butts to shrink. In other words, you may lose the achieved results, especially when the weight loss is severe and prolonged.

Certain complications can affect the results of butt implants surgery

The buttock implants are highly durable and robustly constructed objects. Unlike the breast implants, they are immune to ruptures and leaks. Once placed into the butts, the implant will stay there for a lifetime, and the results are permanent. However, certain complication can trigger the need for removal of the buttock implants. The top two complications that may necessitate removal of the buttock implants are infections and capsular contracture.

When the implants get infected, it can be life-threatening. On the other hand, capsular contracture is a condition whereby the scar contracts around the implant, changing the shape of the butts and creating physical pain. In both of these cases, the patient will be required to undergo a revision surgery during which the implants will be removed.

The surgery is risky

The butt augmentation surgery is a risky procedure, just like other invasive surgeries. The risks can be a limitation for many patients. Since buttock augmentation is an elective intervention, the patient is allowed to undergo the surgery only when the benefits are higher than the associated risks. Unfortunately, many people who desire to augment their backsides already have health issues. If the health problems are severe and risky, the surgeon would recommend the patient to avoid the surgery.

Scarring is unavoidable

The buttock augmentation surgery involves incisions. In case of the fat transfer surgery, the incisions are tiny and used to extract fat from the fat donor areas. In case of the butt implants surgery, the incisions are placed on the butts to insert and position the implants. The incisions will ultimately develop into scars. Usually, the scars fade and become less visible over time; however, they do not disappear entirely. There is a risk the scars may develop abnormally, becoming raised and more apparent. If it happens, it can create self-esteem issues for the patient. The surgery cannot be performed without scarring. If you hate scars, you should avoid the surgery.

The downtime

The butt augmentation surgery is a major operation. Like all other major surgeries, the patient has to go through a complete recovery process after the surgery. The downtime involved in the surgery is quite prolonged, comprising of more than two weeks. The downtime can be a limitation of the surgery for many patients who are not eager to get weeks off work and go through a recovery process. Keep in mind that you want to enhance your buttocks and overall aesthetic outlook. It calls for sacrifice in the form of the downtime. You must be ready to go through the recovery and endure the downtime. If you are not prepared for it, the procedure is not for you.

Cost of buttock augmentation

Last but not least, the buttock augmentation is a costly procedure. Many patients ask why the surgery is expensive. Well, the nature of the surgery makes it expensive. The procedure is elective, which is why it is expensive. Also, the cost can vary from place to place and surgeon to surgeon. Good surgeons charge more for the extra value they provide.


Buttock augmentation is an elective intervention used by tens of thousands of women each year to enhance their buttocks. While the surgery delivers better and sustainable results, it comes with many limitations. The typical limitations of the operation have been explained above.

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