Limitations of plastic surgery

Limitations of plastic surgery

14th Feb 2019

With the development of modern medicine and the techniques used for plastic surgery, more and more people resort to procedures to get rid of the emotional discomfort associated with having a body or facial imperfection or simply to enhance the appearance of their bodies. Plastic surgery can provide relief from pain (breast reduction), improve the contours of the body (liposuction), and eliminate excess skin that resulted after pregnancies, weight loss or the natural aging process (tummy tuck). Plastic surgery can also be used to augment features of the body to be more proportionate and harmonious to the rest of the patient’s anatomy.

Many times, the results of plastic surgery look like the amazing work of a powerful magician. The body of the patient is completely remodeled, the changes in the anatomy are impressive, and with the boost of self-esteem that often occurs after undergoing plastic surgery, the patient feels like only the sky is the limit. However, the reality is that plastic surgery is not magic and it does have certain limitations, even when performed by an experienced, talented, board-certified plastic surgeon.

It is important for patients interested in undergoing plastic surgery that any procedure has limitations. Plastic surgery aims to enhance the appearance of the body, but it is not its aim to help the patient lose excess weight, for example. This is essential to mention as more and more people nowadays are dealing with excessive weight and looking for the fastest and easiest method to get rid of it. Plastic surgery doesn’t do this, whatever the procedure you might have in mind. Liposuction is frequently advertised as the procedure that will slim your body, and this is a possible and expected result; however, it will not eliminate all the excess pounds as it deals only with localized fat deposits and no more than six liters of fat can be safely removed during a liposuction session.

For patients seeking help from plastic surgery to improve the quality of their lives, it is also important to know that there are limitations. Plastic surgery can increase functionality and make the patient feel more at ease as a result of the elimination of excess skin (breast reduction and tummy tuck); however, plastic surgery won’t change your life for the better unless you put the effort and are open to this.

Another limitation worth considering when it comes to plastic surgery is radically transforming your body and facial characteristics. Plastic surgery doesn’t aim to change you into someone else like your favorite celebrity, but to improve your appearance to look your best. Moreover, plastic surgery works with the existing body of the patient. This means that the results that can be achieved are greatly dependent on the condition of the patient, the tonus of the skin, and the initial condition of the tissues in the areas to be treated.

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