Lipo and breast implant surgery: an amazing combo

Lipo and breast implant surgery: an amazing combo

19th Jun 2019

Lipo and breast implant surgery: An amazing combo



One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is the combination of liposuction and breast implant surgery. Indeed, it is one of the amazing combo procedures that can effectively enhance multiple areas of your body. This combination is recommended for women who have smaller breasts and stubborn fat pockets in localized regions of the body.

Breast implant surgery enhances the breasts by making them more prominent, while liposuction contours the localized areas of the body like the abdomen and sides by removing stubborn fat pockets. There is no doubt that smaller breasts and fat pockets in the body make females look aesthetically unwelcoming.


The breasts and localized areas of the body

When it comes to the aesthetic appearance of the female body, the breasts take top place. The localized areas of the body like the abdomen, flanks, love handles, and sides also play a significant role in defining female beauty. Aesthetic flaws in these parts of the body can affect your overall body outline, making you look physically unattractive and less feminine.

Women with smaller breasts are considered to be less feminine. When women with smaller breasts develop fat pockets in different areas of the body, it affects their overall body definition. Fat pockets in the body make you look aged and aesthetically unpleasant.

As a result of the above-explained problems, women often experience self-esteem issues. Modern beauty standards require women to have bigger breasts and toned and contoured body areas. If you are suffering from these combined aesthetic problems, you should consider getting the combined procedure of breast implant surgery and liposuction. The combined operation comes with many benefits, such as a single downtime and surgical session, a single recovery period, and relatively lower cost as compared to when the procedures are performed at separate times.


When is the combo of breast implant surgery and liposuction recommended?

Liposuction and breast implant surgery is an amazing combo. However, not every woman can qualify for the procedure. Only patients who have smaller breasts, in addition to having fat deposits in localized areas of the body, will be eligible for the surgery. If you have smaller breasts or only fat pockets in different areas of the body and no other aesthetic flaws, then you should consider getting breast implant surgery or liposuction separately.

In addition to this, the patient must meet specific eligibility requirements to qualify for the combo operation. Those requirements pertain to your health and your goals. To be a good candidate for the surgery, you must be in good health and have realistic and achievable goals and expectations. If you have serious health issues, you must discuss it with the doctor. Furthermore, if the aesthetic flaws in your body are not affecting your quality of life and self-esteem and you like your body the way it is, then there is no need to get the surgery.

Even though you may also undergo lipo and breast implant surgery separately and at different times, the combo surgery comes with many benefits. When you undergo the combined procedure, you will have a single session of operation. Furthermore, it can save you money because when the procedures are performed separately, the cost will increase. Moreover, you will have a single recovery period, and the downtime will also be once.


How is the combined surgery performed?

The combo of breast implant surgery and lipo is performed under general anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia, after which the surgeon will operate on you. The operation will begin by making incisions on the breasts. The incisions are made to place the implants inside the breasts.

Breast implants are artificial devices and come in different size options. There are two types of implants: silicone and saline. It is essential to select the right implant size because using the wrong size will make your breasts look abnormal. The implant size is selected during the pre-operative consultation. The plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and take precise measurements before recommending you a suitable implant size.

After making the incisions, the surgeon will insert the implant inside the breast and place it under or over the breast muscle. After the implant is positioned in the predetermined place, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. The same process will then be repeated on the other breast.

In the next step, the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction on the body areas that need treatment and contouring. For example, if the fat pockets are in your abdomen and side, the surgeon will target these areas with liposuction. To perform the liposuction, the plastic surgeon will first make tiny incisions on the target area. In the next step, he will introduce a tumescent solution in the area and then insert a tiny, hollow tube called a cannula inside the area. The cannula is then moved back and forth so that the fat cells can be released from the surrounding tissues.

Next, the doctor will use a special syringe or a suction pump to remove the dislodged fat pockets from the target area. After the fat is suctioned out, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions. The same process will be repeated on all target areas until those areas have been contoured. Many people assume that liposuction is a weight loss procedure, whereas the fact is that it is meant to contour your body instead of helping you to lose weight. The fat removed from your body via liposuction is not considerable enough to account for significant weight loss.

After performing liposuction on all target areas, the combo surgery will come to an end, and your recovery will begin soon after the procedure.


How will the recovery be like?

Recovery after the combined surgery of lipo and breast implant surgery is a critical factor that much of the surgery’s success depends on. Your breasts and the liposuction sites will be swollen and bruised after the procedure. You will also feel pain in the treated areas for a few days; however, the pain can be managed with painkillers.

Following the surgery, you will be required to wear compression garments and a surgical compression bra for several weeks. These garments will help reduce the swelling, quicken the recovery, and protect you from complications. Primary recovery takes two weeks, whereas for a full recovery, you need six weeks. After two weeks, you may resume work, but be sure to avoid strenuous activities for six weeks after the surgery.

During the first two weeks, the patient must avoid sleeping on her front because the strain applied to the breasts and lipo sites will create complications like wound splitting, bleeding, infection, and more scarring. As you heal, the incisions will develop into scars. The scarring is a standard but permanent side effect of the operation. The scars will fade, but they are there to stay with you permanently.


What results to expect after the procedure

Many patients curiously wait to see the result of the combined procedure. There is no doubt that this procedure has an excellent record of delivering amazing results. In other words, the combo procedure transforms the most critical areas of your body. After the surgery, the results will gradually emerge.

As you recover, you will notice drastic improvements in your breasts and the localized areas of the body that were treated with liposuction. When the outcomes emerge after many weeks and even months, you will see that your breasts have become more prominent, shapelier, sensuous, and sexy, and the fat pockets are no longer in the treated areas. Instead, the areas treated with liposuction will look toned, curvaceous, luscious, and smooth.


Risks and complications

Like all other procedures, the combo of lipo and breast implant surgery entails risks and complications. The common risks include bleeding, infection, poor scarring, implant rupture or leak, seroma, hematoma, incision splitting, breast asymmetry, body asymmetry, etc.

To steer clear or reduce these risks, you must select your plastic surgeon carefully and follow his instructions for a smooth and safe recovery. Also, if the risks are higher than the benefits depending on your health condition, you must avoid going under the knife.



There are different combo plastic surgery procedures, but one of the most popular ones is the combo of liposuction and breast implant surgery. Every year, tens of thousands of patients get this procedure in the US to enhance their aesthetic appearance and femininity. The operation not only increases your breast size but also makes the localized areas of your body toned, contoured, and smooth. In this article, I have explained when you may consider this procedure, how the procedure is performed, what results to expect, what will the recovery be like, and what are the risks of the surgery.

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