Liposuction and curves

08th Feb 2017

I have developed multiple hourglass procedures, but people get confused about what hourglass procedure is suitable for them. So in this video, I am going to discuss and define each hourglass procedure that I have developed.
The first one is the hourglass tummy tuck. The hourglass tummy tuck is completely different from the traditional tummy tuck, also known as the Spongebob tummy tuck. With the Spongebob tummy tuck, you will get a flat abdomen, but a square shape. Whereas with the hourglass tummy tuck, I essentially do similar techniques like the traditional tummy tuck, but there are some additional procedures. Aside from tightening the abdomen, the hourglass tummy tuck includes doing a liposuction and fat transfer to the hips to give a more pronounced hourglass shape.
Now let us say that you want to have hips, but do not have enough fat. In this case, an hourglass hip procedure can be done. Not to worry, we do not cut any skin for this procedure, but we also do not tighten the muscle. The procedure involves a liposuction and the use of your fat. This will then be injected in the hips, resulting in a nice hourglass shape.
It is also worth noting that you can have an hourglass tummy tuck revision if you are unhappy with the results of a previously perform traditional tummy tuck.
However, to some this procedure is not enough to give them their ideal hourglass figure. For this reason, it has become common for women to get a buttock augmentation to achieve a voluptuous figure. There are two ways to perform a buttock augmentation:
1. Transfer fat.
2. Put in an implant.
In general, the procedure suited for you will depend on your goals as well as your current body, more specifically in regards to the amount of fat you have. If you do not have enough fat, then I will suggest inserting a buttock implant. On the other hand, if you have enough fat, then I will simply utilize the fat you have and inject it to your buttocks as well as hips.
Finally, we can also combine the aforementioned hourglass procedures with breast surgeries. This means any type of breast procedures, such as breast augmentation or breast lift. Therefore, there are several procedures to choose from to get the perfect hourglass shape.

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