Liposuction and girdles

Liposuction and girdles

19th Apr 2016

Liposuction is a procedure to, in essence, remove fat pockets in areas where there is a significant amount of fat

So, why it is important to use a girdle? Girdles are essential to decrease inflammation and avoid postoperative liposuction deformities. If the body is not compressed evenly, your results are not going to be as good. There are different types of girdles for different areas of the body. If you have liposuction of the abdomen, a corset or a girdle is necessary to get the shape that you desire. The girdle needs to be tight. It helps the body reabsorb the fluid faster by preventing fluid collection and swelling in the areas where liposuction is performed. The swelling occurs because during the procedure, a lot of local hormones and chemicals are released, which makes the vessels leak fluid as well as inflammatory cells to combat the inflammation. The girdle will increase the pressure around the vessels and shift the fluid from the surrounding tissue into the vessels, essentially helping the lymphatic system expedite the resolution of the symptoms. Wearing a girdle is an essential part of any cosmetic surgery where liposuction is performed. If you do not use a girdle after surgery, your recovery will take much longer, and your results probably will not be as good.

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