Liposuction and tummy are the perfect combination

17th Feb 2017

Even though the tummy tuck is an excisional procedure (removing the excess skin regardless if your belly is flat or not), a tummy tuck has its limitations. A tummy tuck essentially cuts out excess skin, tightens the muscle and removes fat, but it will not decrease the thickness of fat layers. Lets say that you have will have a tummy tuck. If your fat layer is thick before surgery it will still be thick after surgery. On the contrary if you perform liposuction, the thickens of the fat layer will decrease significantly. This is why liposuction should be combined with a tummy tuck in every setting. With liposuction, once the thickness of the fat layer is decreased, the body develops contour and the curves are accentuated. If your surgeon does not perform liposuction together with the tummy tuck, you will achieve suboptimal results. Studies have shown that combining liposuction with tummy tucks improve patients satisfaction and definitely better results.

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