Liposuction and tummy tuck combined

04th Oct 2018

Can liposuction and tummy tuck be performed in one session?

Factors like pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and aging not only trigger the development of stubborn fat pockets in localized areas of the body but also result in a saggy abdomen.
For example, weight gain will cause the abdomen to stretch, apart from causing fat to accumulate in different areas of the body such as the abdomen, sides, flanks, upper back, and thighs. When you lose weight, chances are the abdominal skin will not retract to its original position. This is particularly likely when you are aged above 30 years.
This means many patients suffer from two aesthetic problems resulting from the same causes at once: a saggy abdomen and stubborn fat pockets resulting from pregnancy, weight changes, aging and the like. As a result of these associated aesthetic issues, many patients ask whether it is possible to undergo liposuction and tummy tuck at once.
Well, the simple answer is that it is absolutely possible to undergo the two procedures in one session. In fact, it is wise to consider undergoing tummy tuck and liposuction in combination if you are suffering from the aforementioned problems.
Liposuction is an effective plastic surgery procedure that contours the body by surgically removing stubborn fat deposits from localized areas of the body. On the other hand, the tummy tuck contours the abdomen by surgically removing the excess skin and tightening the abdominal wall muscle.
The combo surgery will be performed under general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will first place an incision on your abdomen and tighten the abdominal wall muscle. If need be, the belly button will be raised to make it appear youthful. The skin will then be re-draped, and the excess skin will be excised. The excess fat will also be removed along with the skin. The incisions will be sutured and closed.
Next, the body areas where stubborn fat pockets exist will be removed through liposuction. The surgeon will place tiny incisions on each site and remove the fat with the help of a hollow tube called a cannula, which is connected to a suction pump. After removing the fat, the incisions will be sutured and closed.
Your body will become aesthetically welcoming after the combo of liposuction and tummy tuck. The abdomen will appear toned, youthful, firmer, and beautiful. Likewise, the liposuction will contour the target areas, making it smoother and aesthetically appealing. Your overall body will appear beautifully outlined as a result of the combined intervention.
If you want to know whether you are a good candidate for the combined surgery of liposuction and tummy tuck, you should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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