Liposuction and Weight Loss by Dr. Hourglass, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio

08th Feb 2017

We live in a world obsessed with beauty and it isn’t just generational because since time immemorial, beauty has been universally extolled and encouraged. With the advent of the age of 24/7 news cycle and social media, the pressure to be “beautiful” has grown by the leaps and bounds. As one of the tools for beauty, liposuction has risen to become one of the most commonly performed procedures in cosmetic surgery world. Many patients undergo liposuction to correct a complete gamut of body imperfections. This method is one of the plastic surgery interventions performed for beauty purposes and less for functional objectives. Through liposuction, excess fats are removed but many patients are still unclear about the actual role of liposuction. Many mistakenly believe that there will be significant weight loss since liposuction essentially removes fat. Indeed, some weight loss can occur after liposuction since body fat will be extracted from specific areas targeted but this does not mean that liposuction will help you lose weight. It bears repeating that liposuction and the tummy tuck are not weight loss procedures. Liposuction is a contour procedure designed to improve the appearance of the body since it removes excess fats that are stubbornly resistant to diet or exercise. The weight loss that will occur as a consequence, is insignificant compared to the amazingly enhanced shape of your body resulting from this procedure. After liposuction, results are measured in centimeter around your waist, thigh or any other side. Its measurement is not based on how much weight you have lost after the procedure. Depending on extent of liposuction being performed, you might be able to lose between 2 to 6 pounds. The more liposuction is done, the more fat is removed, ergo; the more weight loss will be noticed after surgery. You need to recognize that, generally, liposuction is not going to change your weight significantly. If you weigh 220 pounds and undergo liposuction, do not think that you are going to be 150 pounds after the procedure. That is definitely not going to happen! While you are going to notice a loss in weight in the months following recovery, know that, soon after surgery, you are even going to weigh much more than before surgery. This is a result of the inflammation and swelling that normally happens after this procedure. Essentially understand therefore, that liposuction is a body contour procedure. It is definitely not a magic wand! Your excessive weight cannot be expelled with one flick and an abracadabra.

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