Liposuction combine with tummy tuck

18th Oct 2018

The tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to deliver a flat and firm abdomen by removing excess skin that is sagging. During the tummy tuck, we can also strengthen weak abdominal muscles and correct umbilical hernia. The flat abdomen that many people dream of is actually a combination of multiple elements:
– A tonic skin that presents no sagginess
– A subcutaneous fat layer of minimal or moderate thickness
– An abdominal musculature that is toned and diastasis recti free
To achieve impressive results after your tummy tuck surgery, all three factors must come together. However, during the tummy tuck intervention, we only target to improve two of these factors: the skin and the abdominal muscles.
During the tummy tuck intervention, the plastic surgeon will perform an incision on the supra pubic area that he will use to lift the skin from the abdominal wall up towards the sternum. The abdominal muscles that might be loose after multiple pregnancies will be strengthened, then the skin is redraped on the abdomen, and the excess skin is removed. The muscles will be tight and toned, and the skin will become firm. Still, the second factor that is related to the adipose tissue on the tummy is not addressed during a traditional tummy tuck intervention. In other words, it will remain as thick as it was before the intervention.
To achieve better results for patients who present a thickness of the abdominal wall, liposuction should be performed before the tummy tuck, during the same intervention. Using liposuction, we reduce the size of this adipose tissue and can also address the flanks, hence improving the results of the tummy tuck even more.
Performing abdominal liposuction with the tummy tuck is the only method we can use to reduce the adipose layer on the abdomen. Moreover, we can use the fat collected from this area and reinject it into the hips for an improved shaped of the body or to create an hourglass figure.
Getting a tummy tuck without abdominal liposuction will provide you with a flatter and firmer tummy than before the intervention. However, the tummy tuck alone doesn’t have any effect on the thickness of the adipose layer on the abdomen. It is only by using abdominal liposuction that we can make the tummy wall thinner and get rid of some of the excess fat in the area.

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