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Liposuction contraindications

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can help patients to remove the excess stubborn fat in certain areas of the body. It is a minimally invasive procedure and can be done through the use of different techniques. Before undergoing the procedure, it would be best to know the contraindications of liposuction. This way the patient, together with their surgeon, can assess whether the liposuction procedure is best suited for them or not.

The liposuction procedure can only be done on mentally healthy patients. Those who have psychiatric problems are not advised to go through the procedure. Patients must also have realistic expectations about it. They must remember that it is not a weight loss solution they can get just because they want to lose some weight. The amount of fat removed will not make a significant decrease and weight gain can still occur even after the surgery if the patient doesn’t change their diet and add exercise to their routine.

Although the liposuction procedure can help remove excess fat in different areas of the body, patients who undergo the procedure should still lose most of the fat in their body on their own. When a patient has lost a significant amount and has a stable weight, that is the time when the liposuction procedure can be done on stubborn fat pockets that are very difficult to remove. This liposuction procedure can help accentuate the new silhouette of the patient’s body from their weight loss.

Some medications that patients are currently taking can also make liposuction inadvisable. In some cases, medications can be stopped or changed in order to avoid any adverse effects. For those who cannot stop their medications, the liposuction procedure is contraindicated. Examples of medications that a patient may be taking are coumadin and heparin for their anticoagulant therapy.

Most liposuction techniques make use of a solution of saline and lidocaine as a local anesthesia. Those who have an allergy to lidocaine won’t be able to go through the procedure because it is too risky. It is possible that patients do not only have a mild allergic reaction but a fatal one.

Those who are pregnant or those who are less than six months postpartum may also not undergo the liposuction procedure. It is better to let the body heal first after giving birth to make sure they recover well from the procedure. Those who have also undergone any major surgery or those who were under general anesthesia for the past six months can’t go for the liposuction procedure.

Liposuction is also contraindicated in patients who have diseases such as cancer, kidney diseases, thyroid diseases, and diabetes. For those who have skin or systemic infections, liposuction can only be done when the infection is already treated and is long gone. Undergoing surgery while having an infection can lead to the spread of the infection in other areas of the body. This can cause a negative effect on the recovery of the patient. In some cases, the infection can also be fatal if not immediately identified and treated.


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